Tim Cahill, You Are SCREWED!

Posted April 3rd, 2012 by Iron Mike

You’re gonna be Martha Coakley’s public whipping boy.

Mass AttnyGen Martha Coakley needs to rewrite and rebuild her résumé quickly – before 2014 rolls around. By then she wants a clean shot at either Lurch’s senate seat or the corner office.

But she has SO MUCH BAGGAGE! She needs a new start Tim, – and you’re it!

Coakley has a well-earned reputation for prosecutorial misjudgment.

One only need remember back to the Father Geoghan plea deal, the Louise Woodward murder trial, the Fells Acres incarcerations, the three house speakers and the parole board she couldn’t see…

Not to mention how she nearly blew the Edgewater mass murder trial of Michael ‘Mucko’ McDermott.

And failing to see an assault committed by one of her aides – because her handbag was heavily weighed down by K Street campaign contributions.

It was Martha who famously said: ‘technically, it isn’t illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts’.  Tim, even as she was announcing your indictment, the FEDS were out rounding up 70 illegals – including a child rapist and several drug dealers – that Martha couldn’t see.

We saw her ambition early in 2010 in her failed bid for the empty US Senate seat. She ran assuming that Democrats always win. [They do, but that time the Democrat was Scott Brown – who fooled everybody.]

She’s had two years to lick her wounds and plan afresh. Now she’ll go after any low-hanging fruit she can find.

And Tim, in addition to the charges of misspending lottery funds at Hill Holliday on a self-serving ad campaign, there’s that little matter of how Laurie O’Brien got a job at your commission. And I’m sure there are others.

Anyway, you’re toast. You’re now just another rung on Martha’s ladder to higher office. Forget plea deals; – she wants a show trial. She needs to justify Brad Puffer and his crew of press agents.

Your only hope might be a trial in Suffolk Superior Court – where jurors fall asleep, and where they might find that you’re no worse than any other crook in government today, and let you walk.  Maybe Sal, and Chuck Turner and Dianne Wilkerson were exceptions?  Maybe not.

Coakley needs to look ‘tough on corruption’ if she is to compete for the Governor’s job with that cute US Attorney Carmen Ortiz – who many might assume is related to Big Papi.

And Tim, you’ll have company on the gallows; – out in Springfield Martha has drummed up new charges against Steve Sheldon – who ran Cafino’s – an internet café which Martha said was cover for a gambling operation.

Imagine – gambling – here in Massachusetts? Unthinkable!

Oh, I forgot – the new casinos.., what was I thinking?

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

UPDATE: On Tuesday Dec 11th Tim’s co-defendant Scott Campbell was found not guilty – after 5 days of jury deliberations.  On Wed, Dec 12th, the judge declared a mistrial on Cahill after the jury announced they were hopelessly deadlocked.

3 Responses to “Tim Cahill, You Are SCREWED!”

  1. Red Green

    Tim is a Scapegoat. Coakley is incompedent and will not procecute him for what the real violations of law are. If Tim were guilty of anything of a important nature, the Feds would have picked this one up! This is really reaching and she may have overreached.

    This women is the most unethical incompedent of the Scotty “Luther Ruther” Harshbarger’s mutant clones. Why does she not investigate lesbo gal pal Cheryl Jacques’s brother and Cheryl’s interventions on his behalf. Oh, that’s right – they are beyond the statute of limitations. As to unintened concequenses, she is going the RNC a huge favor with this in the long term. She is dismantling a portion of the DNC spoils system of the Democratic Party and she will pay the price with the rank and file when and if she runs for gov. Personally, I would vote for Carmen Ortiz over her any day!

  2. Karen G

    What goes around comes around for Timmy “Lottery Ticket” Cahill. If he had been able to keep his EGO in check in 10, and abstained from running for the governor’s office when it was obvious that he wouldn’t win, then none of this would probably be an issue for him right now.

    He is to blame not only for his own troubles, but for saddling us with another disastrous and EXPENSIVE four years with Deval Patrick. I am happy he’s going down in a ball of flames. Serves him right.

  3. mike grammont

    A bag of popcorn, kick my feet up and watch the fun!