Tiananmen Square + 30 Years

Posted June 4th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Where were YOU when the Chinese Communist Government rolled tanks over their own college kids?

The growing nationwide student-led demand for Democracy startled and scared the ruling ChiCom hardliners….

At first the Chinese government leaders pretended to engage the student leaders in “talks” – while they moved army units into position.

In fact there were struggles going on in the upper ranks of Communist Party about how to handle the growing protests,  – which had captured world attention.

In the end, the hard-liners ruled the day.  The troops waited until after dark – and rolled tanks into the encamped students.

As left-wingers and liberals today wring their hands over “Trump is starting a TRADE WAR with China”,  – remember please that these are the Chinese who starved 60,000,000 of their own people to death in the 60s,….

  – and a decade later rolled tanks over their own ‘best and brightest’ college kids.

Where were YOU thirty years ago today?

5 Responses to “Tiananmen Square + 30 Years”

  1. Kojack

    Now the CHI-COMS are FLOODING U.S. Colleges & Universities with “students” who are actually CHI-COM MILITARY. The schools like it because they pay up-front in cash.

  2. Ben

    Like the lady said—It’s all about the Benjamins

  3. Joe Ureneck

    No other government would have allowed its capital city to be shutdown for nearly two months. They allowed the protests to continue for too long and they were not prepared to end it using non-lethal riot control. They had never encountered anything like the demonstrations before.

    That being said the number of people killed, some 3-400, is a far cry from the massacred tens of thousands touted by media like CNN. Why take the fake news seriously?

    A full and accurate accounting of what happened of he events leading up to and including 6/4/89 is here- ‘The Gate of Heavenly Peace’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Gtt2JxmQtg

    The events of 89 have more to do with Chinese culture than it does the Chinese Communist Party.

  4. Joe Ureneck

    In answer to your question ‘Where were you 30 years ago?’


  5. Walter Knight

    The Chinese military used artillery to bombard protesters. The flashes could be seen in the night sky.