Thursday Night ‘Debate’: No American Flag?

Posted December 20th, 2019 by Iron Mike

This was held at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles – a bastion of left-wing inbreeding in a state that is at least 40% illegals…  Of course there was an immigration and an amnesty question;  – and of course they all pandered to them.

I watched them squabbling among themselves as long as I could – then went to vomit… Video below the fold

CAUTION:  As you watch,  note how skillfully these would-be Socialist Dictators craft and sugar-coat their words…to fool the uninformed and the unwary.

They’re all still trying to win you over on their ‘personality’

But there nothing ‘personable’ about how they plan to shred our Constitution and tear apart our Free Enterprise Society in the image of Globalism.

Under them – EVERYBODY will have a worthless participation trophy,  – but no choice about which doctor to see,  – or who to vote for….and we’ll ALL be POOR – equally POOR!

They plan to do to us with our own votes what Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Castro did with guns….

The more things change….

I was shocked to see the withered LibTurd Judy Woodruff still hosting…  I can remember her as a ‘hot chick’ on Atlanta TV back when I was a young soldier….  She was a MoonBat back then too…   They really live in a ‘what if’ make-believe world….

Given the level of squabbling among these so-called FRONTRUNNERS,  I still fully expect Granny Bloomberg to commit another $1 Billion,…

…and for Hillary to ‘suddenly feel the call of History’ – when warmer weather arrives…(she doesn’t want to do Iowa and New Hampshire in the snow).

They can’t fool (or buy) us all!

3 Responses to “Thursday Night ‘Debate’: No American Flag?”

  1. panther 6

    It is truly disgusting how far left the Jesuits have moved from their days as the ‘soldiers’ of the Roman Catholic Church. The fact that no National Colors were displayed is only one example of this swing away from traditional Catholic teaching of supporting our nation. I had 16 years of Dominican education and assure you patriotism and loyalty to our country was a paramount teaching beat into me from grade one till I walked out of Providence College as a 2nd LT.

    Would love to have been a mouse in the corner when the DNC reps were negotiating the set up and form for last nights debacle,,,err I mean Debate.


    Sir, the college STILL served a purpose last night – by highlighting for the viewing public what a a bunch of un-American / anti-Freedom would-be dictators they all are…


    The same party that does not have an American flag on the debate stage also voted to remove God from the party platform and now wraps itself in the U.S. Constitution and prayer. DO YOU FUCKING DUMMYCRAPS WHO ARE READING THIS KNOW HOW HYPOCRITICAL & PATHETIC YOU ARE?!?!? YOU ASS-WIPES ARE VIOLATING ALL OF OUR AMERICAN TRADITIONS. PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES BEFORE THE SHOOTING STARTS!!!

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Whoa…..I ammo up every chance I get, and especially when my wife’s not looking!