Thursday, 9 August 1945: Nagasaki, Japan

Posted August 9th, 2015 by Iron Mike

9 Aug 45  NagasakiOn August 6th 1945 we dropped an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima – wiping out that city.

The Japs didn’t surrender.

On August 9th we
wiped out Nagasaki

They finally seemed to get the message,..and announced their unconditional surrender on August 15th.

HISTORICAL LESSON: When fanatics don’t seem to get the message the first time, – use more nukes!

2 Sept 45  Japs surrender

AT THAT MOMENT:  The United States was the most powerful nation on the face of the earth.

We had come to avenge a terrible wrong,  and to liberate conquered peoples.

We did not come to enslave anybody.

SADLY:  within weeks one of the most stupid and most racist presidents we’ve ever had – Harry S. Truman – the man with just a high school education,  – began to squander all the gains we’d made in four bloody years.

He allowed the Soviet Union to run rampant over Eastern Europe and Manchuria, and abandoned any support of our ally Chang Kai-Shek.

Soon there were Communist insurgencies in Greece, across the Middle East, in China, in Malaya, the Philippines, and French Indo-China.

LESS than 4 years from the Surrender, – on 29 August 1949 – the Soviets exploded their first Atomic Bomb.

Less than 5 years from this Japanese surrender,  North Korean forces were invading South Korea,  – and we had only hollow Army units stationed in Japan to stop them.

1950 NorK T-34s

Today we are STILL PAYING for the stupidity, the racism, and the complete ignorance of Harry Truman,  Lyndon Johnson,  Jimmy Carter,  Bill Clinton,  and currently the anti-Americanism of Barack Obama.


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