Three Mass State Troopers Arrested

Posted June 27th, 2018 by Iron Mike

What a terrible headline to have to post!  Supposedly the “Cream of the Crop” in law enforcement,  – have been padding payroll slips,  – and not even showing up to pull their overtime shifts (at $75.oo/hour)

Charlie,  where the #uck have you been?   ENOUGH of your anti-Trump SHIT– start acting like a Republican Governor!
Or resign.  Even Little Ms. Arm Candy could do better!

Three troopers;  –  Gary Herman, 45, of Chester;  Paul Cesan, 50, of Southwick;  and Lt. David Wilson, 57, of Charlton were indicted by a federal grand jury and charged in Federal Court today.   The FBI says there may be as many as 42 more.

This little scandal will make the national news;  – particularly since we have ALL DEMOCRAPS in Congress,  and because the Squaw, Markey, Healey and Faker have ALL been such outspoken anti-Trump blowhards!

At RRB we know the force is mostly brave and honest cops,  – men and women we should be proud of;  and we are proud.

But this criminal subclass didn’t arise overnight,  – didn’t spring up out of nowhere.

The last several Superintendents (Colonels) sat behind their desks,  posed for photo-ops,  and never looked under the hood….  They even tried to make a convicted drug dealer into a female state trooper….

Remember it wasn’t State Police Brass that uncovered the Genduso scandal,  – it was Turtleboy.   How could the testimony of a convicted drug dealer EVER hold up in court – EVEN if she HAD managed to turn her life around….

But the Brass has been catering to the AA/EEO liberal line of bullshit now for 30+ years….  They shrugged and went along with it…   And they weren’t checking time sheets either….

Baker (FAKER) has been in office for 3½ years – and wants an uncontested re-election.

3½ years is plenty of time to have found and FIXED this problem Charlie,  – and you FAILED!  

You’ve been no better than Small Deval….


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Thursday, 17 June 2021:   Posting this follow-up piece this morning it seems that unsavory headlines about the Mass State Police have become routine.

At RRB we feel sorry for the honorable and worthy troopers who serve us well amid the squalor of their dishonorable classmates.

This shit won’t end until we have a REAL Republican governor – and some REAL judges on our State Supreme Court. 

Until then, money talks and honor walks….

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  1. Clinton ma Tea party

    Baker has been the worst Governor the State of Massachusetts has ever had. Time for him to go.
    I am Voting for Dr. Scott Lively for Governor of Massachusetts