Thomas Nee Was A Needful Crook

Posted October 5th, 2021 by Iron Mike

It is a common by-product of generations of Democrap Party rule – of cities and states.  The cops witness so much corruption by their elected officials – that it rubs off on their weakest links.  Thomas Nee was a very weak link!

Nee’s need to be seen in the Halls of Power was so strong that he kept going back,  – ignoring entirely how Obama had abused the Cambridge Police as “Stupid”,  and Sergeant James Crowley in particular. His lack of honor became apparent visit after visit.

Interesting photo above…. Deval Patrick ran for president – got nowhere.  Menino is dead.  Walsh became Mayor of Boston,  – and is now Biden’s Secretary of Labor.   Nee is about to get a Federal Prison Number.

Why is fudging overtime sheets at the Boston Police Department a FEDERAL CASE?

Because the money that funded the specific work was a FEDERAL GRANT,  – and greedy Nee only saw the $$$$,  – never stopped to connect the dots.

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  1. Jim Buba

    Look at the bright side, Blinky didn’t sniff his hair

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