This may be my last post for a while…

Posted November 18th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

…because I’m flying home this afternoon and I’m wondering if I’ll be the victim of gate rape.  Of course I’m being melodramatic, but I am not sure how I’ll react to these goons and their draconian tactics.  Mrs. rr knows that I don’t suffer these kinds of folks very well.  Invasions of my privacy irritate me.  So does policy based on fear and intimidation. 

Of course, if you ask questions, you’re immediately guilty of a crime.  If you want to leave and not get inspected or groped, you’re also guilty of a crime.  If you think the government has gone too far, you’re unAmerican. 

I’m just wondering how far the US Government will go to subject us, to humiliate us, to control us, to inconvenience us in the name of “our” security.  Who governs the TSA?  No elected official, so we can’t vote them out.  Remember, Big Sis is a political appointee, we didn’t elect her.  The bloated TSA (full of union workers, all supporting his highness) gets more inefficient with each new rule and device they employ to “protect” us.  Ever watch them standing around?  Ever hear them talk to each other about how long to their next break (all dictated by union rules).  Ever hear them refer to the TSA as standing for “Thousands Standing Around?”  I have.

So, I’ll try to behave.  I’ll moo as I’m herded through endless serpentinic lines.  I’ll smile guardedly if I’m “selected” for extra scrutiny.  Knowing that it wasn’t profiling… the kind of profiling that might choose someone who actually seems to be dangerous rather than me, who doesn’t.  Yes, I’ll behave because I want to go home and spend Thanksgiving with my family and, potentially, my new granddaughter, Reagan.  I’ll be good.  For now. rr

One Response to “This may be my last post for a while…”

  1. Flick

    I’ve never known you to be overreactive—but everyone has their limit. There’s always that ‘impulse’ burka hanging at the register in the duty-free shop…