Thinking About ‘Royal’ Families….

Posted July 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Wm and KateI am glad that William and Kate have a son. I think they’re a nice young couple.  I think they’ll be good parents.

Beyond that, I’m not much into ‘royalty’ – either English of ‘American’.

But it’s pretty easy to distinguish between the English Royal Family,…and the crap which passes for ‘royalty’ here…. 

For instance: 


This phony ‘War Hero’ was regarded as royalty in his time…. Some Democrats still have his picture on the mantle – next to the Pope…

Then there is this pompous murderer – known as ‘the swimmer’.Fat Teddy

Anybody out there still think the Clintons are ‘American Royalty’?The Damned Clintons

And our current obamanation?.The Obamas

There are several generations of genuine war heroes in this picture. The Queen herself was an Army truck mechanic during WWII – in London – through the Blitz.The Windsors

3 Responses to “Thinking About ‘Royal’ Families….”

  1. Tom

    The so called “American Royalty” is a concoction of the media who brought us Camelot during the Kennedy years. I really believe that they covet the royal family and all the trappings that accompany the Windsors. Our latest concocted royalty travels in a style that would be the envy of the Royal Family. Like all “Royal Families” real and concocted, the taxpayers foot the bill.

  2. Kojack

    Camelot was the perfect description for the Kennedy debacle – what was visible looked perfect but there was a lot of nefarious activity going on out of sight.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Camelot—-Rather like the perfect toasted marshmallow. Crusty and hard on the outside—all gooey and liberal on the inside. Like the socialistic current administration.