“Things” I Wish I’d NEVER Seen…

Posted October 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

PLEASE,   don’t let young boys see this….


3 Responses to ““Things” I Wish I’d NEVER Seen…”

  1. Clinton ma tea party

    God save our Republic!
    Is the first (lady) a lady ?
    I think I see frank and beans!
    What the hell has the world come to?

  2. Mt Woman

    From day one she represented out nation in a most disrespectful and undignified way, yet they got a second term. They say we as voters get what we deserve. I resent this because I read, assess, weigh issues against history yet still get the trash that is brought to the forefront by tabloid voters. I fear our future with a Clinton win. We are forever lost.

  3. Kojack

    In addition to bad taste, notice that they NEVER wear the American flag pin. The same with Hillary Rotten and little Timmy Kaine even during the debates and their staff.

    I realized today that the only reason there appears to be more Trump voters is because of the enthusiasm gap. i.e. there are more SCUM BAGS who will vote for the traitor but not many will go the rallies whereas MOST of the Trump crowd is fired up.

    I agree with Mt. Woman. The cumulative effect of the NEA controlled public schools, the TREASONESS colleges and universities, the blatantly dishonest LAME STREAM MEDIA, the apathy(and stupidity) of the Kardashian Crowd, the EBT takers , the BLACK LIvES don’t MATTER crowd, the dead people’s vote, etc. will be to elect the Hidebeast and accelerate the decline of America into flaming nose dive.