Things I learned on 9-11

Posted September 10th, 2015 by Jim Ettwein

911 lessons

3 Responses to “Things I learned on 9-11”

  1. Iron Mike

    Thank You Jim!

    For this, and for so much more….

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Dittos, thank you Jim.

  3. Kojack

    I’ve learned since 9/11, and from the investigations into the causes that allowed it to occur, that lib-TURDs hate America and value the lives and “rights” of jihadis OVER the lives of Americans, especially Christians and Jews, and that no “man-caused” disaster no-matter how big will EVER change their minds.

    I’ve learned that radical-islam is not the problem……ISLAM itself is the problem, and will win over the West, unless we wake-up FAST, because muslims are not blinded by the insanity of political correctness and have permission from the Koran to murder, enslave, and lie to the infidels.

    I’ve learned that as the Anniversary of 9/11 comes and goes every year it is mentioned by the PC dominated lame-stream media less and less and the same goes for MOST Americans especially the brain-washed victims in the public schools where 9/11 is no longer mentioned.

    I’ve learned that allowing CORRUPT politicians such as the members of the Obysmal regime and the Clintonistas to VIOLATE their oaths of office with NO CONSEQUENCE during and after their terms is destroying America.