They’re Turning Your Words Into Treason!

Posted January 13th, 2021 by Iron Mike

If they can steal the White House, – and the Senate,  – AND stop you from communicating across the internet, – they can control your life until a physical revolution puts a stop to their plans.

Years ago RRB postulated that radical liberals would attempt to silence Conservative voices by controlling BOTH the media and the internet.

As you read this,  Pelosi commands the airwaves.  HER voice is getting through to HER FOLLOWERS. Republicans are being branded and vilified.  Twitter has silenced Trump.  Your favorite internet sites may be next.

Trump’s access to reach us directly has been silenced. Soon individual internet sites may be shut down – then your individual email accounts, – then your phone service,…if they can say that your words are seditious.

Several handfuls of people (their political leanings and intentions not yet established in any court before any jury) invaded the Capitol a week ago.

Letting NO CRISIS GO TO WASTE,  – Pelosi and her minions are branding ALL Trump supporters as DANGEROUS SEDITIONISTS.

They will use this ‘crisis’ (a total breakdown of the Capitol Police security) to pass new laws for Biden to sign.  They will call it ‘Sedition’ and ‘Treason’ to even question the validity of the election.  “How DARE you question that Biden got 81 million votes!?!?   Sedition!

And with that in hand – some local neighborhood Democrap may go to the police and write out a report saying that you are “…a DANGER to our Democracy…”,  – and armed with a warrant the police may show up looking for your computers,  your cell phones,  and your guns.

In one swell foop they’ll squash your 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendment Rights.  Look them up!

Try calling your lawyer if they’re just taken your phone.

Try getting a lawyer to represent you,  – if the din of the crowd has made him fearful of representing a “Trump Seditionist”….

Watch how fast you lose your job – if your EMPLOYER is suddenly afraid to keep you on the payroll….

Forbes Magazine just published a piece warning companies of retaliation if they hire anybody from the Trump Administration.

For years Trump has been telling us it’s not HIM they’re really after, – it’s US!

Pelosi, Schumer et al are now proving him 100% correct!

With the Media and Big Tech in the hands of the Chinese,  your access to reliable information and the TRUTH will become limited.  Hell, Zuckerberg even has a Chinese wife!

We don’t want to OVERTHROW our Constitutional Republic;  – we want to PROTECT and DEFEND it – from domestic enemies….

3 Responses to “They’re Turning Your Words Into Treason!”

  1. Jim e

    You have been a beacon of prognostication on such things. The left continues to revile the right, and is flexing its new muscle more and more each day. It’s pretty pathetic that the left is sooooo threatened by the right, and Trump, that they are doing all they can to remove him and prevent him from running again. They know, as do many of us, that if he runs in 2024, AND we miraculously have enacted election reform in the key states, he would win. It’s the left’s greatest fear.

  2. Jim Buba

    Maybe now those Fusion Camps Clinton built will make more sense

    CCP and PLA: destroying humanity since 1949

    China Collusion. It will stick

  3. Kojack

    The DEMONRATS will have all 3 branches of gov’t for at least 2 year. They’ll pack the Supreme Court, make Washington DC and Puerto Rico states giving them a permanent majority in the senate, make what happened on 03-NOV-2020 LEGAL and who knows what else by the time 2024 rolls around. They have already clamped down on the 1stA and our ability to communicate and soon they’ll also be persecuting Trump supporters as domestic terrorists.