They’re Still Blaming Guns?

Posted December 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

I’m not writing to open old – or fresh – wounds.  The shooting spree at Sandy Hook last December was tragic, despicable, evil, – and totally avoidable.
Sandy Hook Plus 1 Year

By all accounts [since somebody thinks his ‘privacy’ needs protection] Adam Lanza was insane.  He should have been is a secure insane asylum; – except 50 years ago the ACLU and others filed lawsuits claiming it was unlawful to lock up anyone who’d not committed a crime.

Today it is all but impossible for an honest medical professional to get a dangerous patient committed – and there are damned few places to put them.

Liberals, – with an entirely different agenda – want to restrict, then round up those evil ‘guns’.  And they hate some guns more than others,…just like they hate some Republicans more than others…

signsWhile I grieve for the 26 murdered at Sandy Hook, – for all innocents murdered anywhere [includes two ladies I’ve known personally] – I do get bloody bullshit at the mindset of anti-gun liberals – even the so-call ‘well-intended’ ones.

If you can just get them to listen,…ask them why the murderers of Hamas and Hezbollah don’t try attacking Israeli schools and haven’t for 50 years…?

The Good Shepherd

Yet these same murdering jihadists will and do attack Israelis in stores, on buses,…anywhere they can find them relaxed and unguarded.  What’s the difference?
Tough Girls

Israelis at the beachIt’s KNOWING that soft targets get attacked, – so the Israelis make sure their schools are NOT SOFT TARGETS!

When the next tragic and avoidable school shooting takes place,

   – because we have an endless supply of damaged sperms wandering around out there,

   – will there be an armed guard to defend the kids, – or will liberals again begin singing their anti-gun chorus?

May the souls of the Faithful Departed,…rest in peace…


BREAKING!   Karl PiersonAs if on cue, – as I was typing this posting – Karl Pierson – an 18-yr old Senior at Arapaho High School in Centennial, Colorado [near Denver] entered the school with a shotgun – hunting for the Debate Team Coach who’d benched him – and who’d suspended him for making a death threat.   Pearson shot two students [one girl seriously] before killing himself.

NOTE:   Colorado liberals last March passed very restrictive gun laws in the wake of Sandy Hook.  These new laws did not stop Karl Pierson.  An armed guard might have! 

UPDATE: Sat 14 Dec.  Breitbart reports the girl Pierson shot – in the head – is ‘struggling for life’…  And it seems Peirson was a Republican-hating Democrat – his Facebook postings include:

“[Y]ou republicans are so cute” his post reads, with an image that says: “The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ’em Die, Climate Change: Let ’em Die, Gun Violence: Let ’em Die, Women’s Rights: Let ’em Die, More War: Let ’em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?” 

Where did he learn this crap, – at home or at school?

UPDATE:  17 Dec 2013   JUST 80 SECONDS!   Liberals will hate this news,  but it was the presence of an ARMED GUARD at Arapaho High which cut the carnage to just 80 seconds, when an armed county deputy sheriff ran TOWARD the sound of the gunfire.  When Pierson found himself cornered in the school library,  he chose to end his life rather than risk a shootout or prison.  80 seconds.  Think about it!

SAD UPDATE:  Sat 21 Dec – – Claire Davis – the 17 yr old girl, has died of her head wound…  Horrible for her family, but she is now with God!  We’ll miss you Claire,…but we’ll see you again, – in time.

3 Responses to “They’re Still Blaming Guns?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    The reason the places that shootings took place were chosen, is that they were and probably still are “gun free zones”.

  2. Kojack

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results with each effort. The lib-TURDs will keep imposing their failed ideology on us until we are all broke or dead.

  3. MC

    Those same liberals send their children to schools with security to include armed guards– That is a fact that we aren’t to take notice of.