They’re Not Running Mr. pResident…

Posted July 3rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

As our compulsive liar begins his transition back to life as a private citizen,  – he’s likely to want to make Clinton-level money on the speaking circuit,  – and maybe land a TV network gig….
ISIS Car Bomb in Karrada
But how can he make the rise of Radical Islamic Terrorism go away,  – when just 4 years ago he was bragging all over this land that “ISIS was on the run – and Bin Laden was dead”...?

Obama campaigned 8 years ago telling us he was going to deal with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Islamic terrorism with strategy much smarter than Bush.  

Then he was awarded an unearned Noble Peace Prize – just for not being Bush…..

And in just four (4) short years he was bragging that he’d turned the tide of war…only to have Benghazi blow up in his face weeks before the 2012 election….

…so of course he lied…..  

His whole cartel of liars [Biden, Hillary, Susan Rice, et al] – went forth and lied about a ‘vile anti-Muslim video‘…..and they flung the video-maker into prison.

Benghazi Lies 1 year later

Obama even went before the UN to regurgitate the lie,  – blaming a filmmaker.   Muslim nations were undoubtedly amused….

[TRANSLATION:  laughed their Muslim asses off at the arrogant fool!].

vile anti muslim video

In recent years the Obama Cartel has gone to ridiculous lengths to shield Radical Islamists from blame for Islamic Terrorism committed here – and around the world.  Obama keeps insisting that terrorism is not part of the ‘peaceful religion of Islam’.  He must really think we’re all stupid, and unable to research the past 1400 years of history…

Jimmy Carter ~ almost ~ faded into history building shoddy homes for the poor and wandering the Third World looking for elections to monitor….

Al Gore faded into history still warning us that the icecaps were melting and that rising oceans would turn our coastal city streets into canals – like Venice, Italy.

Bill Clinton faded into the Hamptons, hunting for loose pussy in the local coffee shops.

John Kerry settled back into the Senate, – trying to look like an expert on all matters,…then begged to be part of Obama’s Cartel as SecState,…where he’s acted more like the Iranian Ambassador to the US.

Now Obama the Muslim Liar should gracefully fade away,  – as did Truman, Eisenhower, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, GHW Bush, and GW Bush….but his narcissist DNA won’t let him.

He has a burning need to lecture and be in the spotlight.  

He’ll seek out teleprompters and TV cameras for the rest of his life.

We Americans – those of us who are still American patriots – need to keep reminding him that his bombastic rhetoric and unearned pomposity only resulted in grandiose failures,  – from Cash-for-Clunkers,  to ObamaCare,  – to our national debt,  – to his failed fight against Radical Islamic Terrorism.

ISIS car bombs Karada 3 July

He even let Hillary Clinton operate for 4 years with an illegal and unsecured private email server – so she could shake down foreign governments, – and now pretends he didn’t know…..

He leaves office a much greater failure than Jimmy Carter!

Obama Carter failures

One Response to “They’re Not Running Mr. pResident…”

  1. Hawk1776

    >to his failed fight against Radical Islamic Terrorism

    Seems to me that Emperor Obama is more concerned with equal opportunities for Muslims than with fighting terrorists. When it comes to minorities, and Muslims in particular, Obama wears blinders. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks and he isn’t going to change. He’ll retire with a government pension, will sell his books for tens of millions of dollars, and become president of the Muslim Benevolent Society or something similar. The only good news is that he won’t matter much when he becomes the ex-President, but he’ll be on the talk shows for another twenty years or so.