They’re ALL Insane In California

Posted April 2nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

What kind of twisted radio has Eduardo Moreno been listening to? Just 4 days after the Hospital Ship USNS Mercy pulled into San Pedro,  – local boy Eduardo attempted to crash his locomotive into the ship.

He failed.  Miserably.  Too bad he survived.

Are these people really worth saving…?

Would we be rude to suggest that the Pacific Harbor Line may want to run their remaining 188 employees through some basic psychological evaluations…?

2 Responses to “They’re ALL Insane In California”

  1. panther 6

    There are an awful lot of crazies out there (all around the country) and we used to have hospitals, which for the most part, tried to cure these folks. Then we decided to do away with that approach and many of them joined the ranks of the homeless further swelling those ranks. That’s a sort of simple explanation to a much more complex issue but this gents elevator sure did not get out of the basement in this case.

  2. Jack C.

    He’s nowhere near as bad as global warming deniers in terms of potential lives lost. They like to see themselves as rational skeptics but they’re just fools.


    Please explain yourself Jack…..

    Over the next 100 years, roughly HOW MANY lives will be LOST to Global Warming, – and where will it happen?

    FYI, just 11,000 years ago the entire area where I’m typing from (outside Boston, MA) was covered with a sheet of ice – 1 mile thick!

    Global Warming – caused by changes in the Sun and the Earth’s rotation – caused it to melt….exposing all of New England and Southern Canada….