They Found A SAFE Space!

Posted June 22nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Democrat Hypocrisy on Steroids
Maybe they can try a sit-in on Chicago’s South Side this Saturday night?

9 Responses to “They Found A SAFE Space!”

  1. Panther 6

    The American electorate is a disgrace. That one spokesman from GA can hardly speak English.

  2. Mt Woman

    Will someone please get the Roomba–let’s get rid of the trash cluttering the halls of Congress!!

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Talk about stupidity, not hypocracy. Let’s see… Center stage: a Black man, a Black woman, a gay man, and a woman I don’t recognise, all of whom want to disarm Americans. Why? So more Black and gay people can be slaughtered because they have no right to defend themselves? That is ABSOLUTELY stupid….

    But now a message to all the anti-Trump Republican folks out there. Get over it. You don’t like him because you don’the like his rhetoric? Pu-lease! I had been tempted to write-in Mickey Mouse. After all, we’ve had Goofey these past 7.5 years. But every non-Trump, protest vote becomes essentially a vote for Clinton. Is that what you really want, a corrupt, bloodied liar as president? (Oops, don’t we already have one of those?) Lindsey Graham and his Never Trump ilk need to get their jealous heads out of their third point of contact and smarten up. Elect Clinton and see just how fast we lose our gun and other rights when she gets to appoint 1, 2, 3, maybe 4 SCOTUS justices…. Watch just how quickly our porous border with Mexico completely evaporates, or middle eastern refugees flood our way. Then watch all the illegals become citizens and vote for more Democrats who’ll provide more water from the public trough. And watch kids and undereducated Americans lose more jobs to the formerly illegal…. I dunno….maybe we who have an unused bedroom in our homes might just find a homeless or person or refugee…or a homeless or refugee family…being “assigned” to it. But there will certainly be walls and guns surrounding our government elites…

  4. Hunter556

    Imagine letting ISIS dictate to the American public….because that is exactly what is being allowed here. The muzzie in Florida attacked liberal unarmed gays with an “assault rifle” on purpose…..why?……because they know liberals will further disarm Americans making their next attack even easier. Fools……

  5. Hawk1776

    Too bad the picture wasn’t taken when Dizzy Lizzie joined the peace circle. She’s never seen a camera or microphone she didn’t like.

    What does one call a group of liberal, geriatric, hippie dingbats? A pride? A horde? A gaggle? A commune? A tribe. One wonders.

  6. Clinton ma tea party

    Give them all a cookie and they will go away. You know if Pelosi was still in charge she would have shut off the lights and air conditioning on Republicans.

  7. Varvara

    Isn’t it amazing that they have served, studied, voted and been elected to end up being a token symbol on the floor of the Congress…..

  8. Kojack

    Typical of the lefty temper tantrums we see from time. fortunately, like the “occupy” movement or the professional protests at Trump rallies all they accomplish is to validate that liberalism, regressivism, communism, etc. are all mental disorders.

  9. Sherox

    They are behaving like a bunch of 2 year olds. Grow up.