They Cut His Fingers Off….

Posted June 12th, 2017 by Iron Mike

No,  it won’t make the Mainstream News!  Out 30 miles north of the Mexican Border – in Deming, New Mexico – the Juarez Cartel kidnapped an off-duty Border Patrolman.

When they were done with him – they dumped him beside the interstate – where a passing tourist found him “…with severe wounds to his head,  chest,  and hands…”.

They could have killed him,….but a living victim is less easily forgotten or dismissed.

The message is chilling – they know were our people live,  – and they can get them,….or their families.

WHY?  The fortunes they are making smuggling drugs,  Mexicans,  and Muslim terrorists is huge,….and the Trump Administration is serious about stopping them.

Life in the Third World is very cheap.  Killers can be hired for a few hundred dollars,  – and are easily replaced if they are caught or killed.

Today almost EVERY Democrat and Berniecrat thinks our border with Mexico should be OPEN,  that immigration should be ‘at-will’,  and that drugs should be legalized.

Many young Americans look upon Border Patrolmen with almost the same disdain as the drug cartels do….

We need that wall built – and quickly!

A NOTE FOR STUPID LIBERALS:  No nation can survive very long when it lets massive criminal gangs rule vast sectors of their land.   This is how Third World nations have always gone under – when ‘gangs’ have more clout than the government.

Soon both the police and the courts are merely parts of the gangs.

When Mexican gangs feel it is in their interest to murder and mutilate American Law Enforcement officers,  – then the situation has escalated far beyond a mere ‘criminal matter‘  – we are having our national sovereignty challenged – by drug cartels.

Mexico has no Death Penalty.  The cartels don’t fear the law – only each other.

It’s time they fear US!


Police GOT the guys – Fernando Puga & Sergio Ivan Vanegas-Quiñonez.  Convictions will be tougher – jurors will be threatened….


2 Responses to “They Cut His Fingers Off….”

  1. Varvara

    I looked at the body parts; found heads, arms, legs, and I noticed some heads had gags. It seems that the cartels don’t like to hear screams. I also noticed part of a uniform. They wanted you to know who the dead were.


    Most Mexican police forces are either (a) corrupt, or (b). actual parts of their respective cartels.

  2. Sherox

    Do you think they really care? The only thing they care about is filling their wallets.