These Scary Scary Days….

Posted June 3rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Seventy-six months into his pResidency, and Obama is taking pains to tell the world that because of HIM, – we are once again “the most respected country on Earth!”   That he might even believe it himself is truly frightening!
Kim and Obama Both Insane
His statement [short video below the fold] is clear evidence that he is living in that same mystical detached parallel reality as Emperor Nero, Napoleon, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and now that fat little homicidal NorK runt – Kim Jung un. These people start wars.

Note how he claims to ‘have ended two wars’….  Pretty clear he never studied History or he’d know that one side cannot ‘end a war’ by unilaterally withdrawing from a battlefield.  Americans will pay in blood for his naïvety and arrogance.

We’re hardly the ‘most respected’ when:

RUSSIA – invades an annexes the Crimea, – invades Eastern Ukraine, – flies bombers into Western air spaces, – sells weapons to the Syrians and Iranians, – and negotiates to build a nuclear reactor for Iran…

CHINA – builds artificial islands in the Spratlys and tells the US not to fly there, – sells arms to Iran, – blocks any strong language in the Iran non-nuclear agreement…

NORTH KOREA – continues to build nuclear bombs and longer range missiles…

Daesh / ISIS – continues to behead and burn people alive while mocking Obama…

ARAB STATE LEADERS – boycott Obama’s defense conference and look to France, Britain, and Russia for weapons and alliances….

IRAN – still keeps innocent Americans locked up while their Ayatollah mocks the nuclear negotiations and yells “Death to America!”

MEXICO – keeps encouraging their peasants to flood illegally into the US, – while shielding their drug lords…

Folks, back in the 1930s – two world leaders came to power – FDR and Hitler.   BOTH were Socialists.

For all of the years prior to WWII,  FDR pointedly refused to acknowledge the growing evil and focused his attention on the Progressive [aka Socialist] big-government schemes called “The New Deal”. 

His schemes didn’t work, – and America was caught unready for what befell us on December 7th 1941.

America paid in blood

Roosevelt was so callous – so anti-Semitic – he even turned away ships full of Jewish refugee children…

FDR’s legacy – despite Democrat propaganda – is of a fool who failed to see the danger, and thus cost us a 4-year world war and 407,000 lives

Obama’s legacy will be worse – as China, Russia, and the murdering Muslims advance and chaos descend upon the free world.

People voted for their “First Black President” – largely to rid themselves of any lingering guilt for once having told ‘nigger jokes’.  They didn’t bother looking at either his résumé or his character….all they could see was BLACK.

What we got is a dangerous America-hating delusional narcissist.

If you voted for Obama, – – the blood spilled by ISIS is on YOUR hands!

2 Responses to “These Scary Scary Days….”

  1. Varvara

    Hitler and Stalin were socialists who upon taking office confiscated all privately owned guns. I wonder what they were afraid of??????

  2. Jim Gettens

    ZERO is so self-deluded and such a pathological liar that he should be committed to St. Elizabeth’s for his own good and the good of the entire United States. Unfortunately, that would promote the ‘National Village Idiot,’ Joe Biden, to the Oval Office.