These Fools Cannot Depart Soon Enough!

Posted December 17th, 2016 by Iron Mike

And they want us to worry about ‘Russian Hackers’?

CAUTION:  Highly barf-worthy!

Well,…at least Michelle has been well-fed these past 8 years…

While they were dancing,….what were they doing about Black Gang Violence in our inner-cities,…or Black teenage pregnancy….

….or,…did they ONLY care about themselves…?.

3 Responses to “These Fools Cannot Depart Soon Enough!”

  1. Michael W Dane

    George Washington portrait hanging on the sad. These people have brought nothing but disgrace to this country, thankfully their days are numbered,unfortunately we are left with the lingering stench they left behind.

  2. Vic

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  3. John Pagel

    She looks like what R2D2 would look like in a dress.