There’s an “Obama Foundation”…?

Posted April 7th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Who knew?  Maybe he thought he could amass a fortune in Saudi and Russian money,  – the way Bill and Hillary did….?
Maybe he just needs to see his name everywhere he goes?

America’s most treasonous narcissist was in Berlin,  – trying to tell “Progressives” not to form “Circular Firing Squads”.

Along about 2015,  he was pretty sure he’d be named as the next Secretary-General of the UN, – and slowly become Emperor of the World Government….

But that never happened,…and won’t,…so he’s left a bitter, lonely man, – with only the ugly Michelle Obama to come home to….a fate he richly deserves.

Obama is like herpes – he’ll never go away and cannot be cured.

America should really plan to cremate this traitor when he dies!

3 Responses to “There’s an “Obama Foundation”…?”

  1. Sherox

    No, he is afraid, as a friend of mine said that the people who actually understand what it is that the Democrats want to do and say no.

  2. panther 6

    He is grasping at the straws of power that he can never hold again! He would do the nation and the world a great service to just go away. Maybe even return to his native land,,,I will leave that unstated.

  3. Mt Woman

    Such a moral phoney, he doesn’t have the guts to make this same speech at a nationally publicized forum of the DNC–no, he scurries off to another continent. How would Obama have faced off to AOC and Robert Francis?