There Will Be No Second Storming

Posted January 30th, 2021 by Iron Mike

A former TEA Party alumni asked me today (essentially) “…when is our military going to rise up, arrest China Joe,  try the rest of the traitors, – hang the worst of them, … and toss their horse-holders in Guantanamo, – and thus restore our Constitutional Republic?”

If you’ve never been in our military – it may be difficult for you to understand:  It ain’t gonna happen!

First,  coups have a history of failing.  In most cases not all the units join it,  – and in a vast continental nation like ours – where our Army and Marine units are spread across 3,000 miles, cohesion in a military coup is all but impossible.

Second,  coups that seem to succeed in the short run usually end badly for the leaders over time. Just ask Fulgencio Batista and Muammar Gaddafi.

Our troops mostly don’t follow politics,  and they get their news from the same places you do,  – but get less of it because they have less time to watch and listen,  – and are often away in the field….  And they’re young…..

So,…until someone can PROVE the voting machines were tampered with,  – then restored to normal settings…..the Communists and their Wall Street allies WIN!

Nobody in our military is going to start a revolution.

I cautioned my old friend that talk like his only fuels the paranoia of the left wing,  – keeps Pelosi demanding National Guard protection,  and right now is adding fuel to the fires of making DC the 51st State.

Pelosi and her media minions fully expect hordes – millions – of armed TEA Party and Trump supporters to come to DC,  looking for scalps and heads.

They are so far removed from our People that they’ve totally lost touch with real Americans;  and they’re feeling so much fear and guilt they’re living in terror.

What ~ may ~ transpire is Biden being sent to Walter Reed and Vice President Kneepads being sworn in as POTUS #47.   She is a World Communist,  a racist,  a strident gun grabber with almost no common sense. She may order gun confiscation…

.at which point some sheriffs will refuse,  some police departments will try to comply (white law-abiding neighborhoods first),  – and ordinary law-abiding citizens will resist,  and some will start shooting…..

The media will report the story falsely,  – the internet will be shut down,  and a hundred – maybe a thousand – small civil wars will break out.

If you are unarmed, – you’ll be a spectator….  People may come for your food, fuel, and medical supplies.


With our economy descending again into a left-wing Obama-era shambles, – gas prices headed up to over $4.oo / gal, and the country still operating under the Coronavirus Hoax,….bad events worldwide may go all but unnoticed…

EXPECT  Iran to make some VERY BOLD moves in the Persian Gulf area – and even in Suez.  They want to control the area,  and eliminate Israel – to the last man, woman, child, and dog.  The minute they have a deliverable nuclear bomb,  expect their Twelvers to begin what they call “The End of Days”.

EXPECT  the Mexican Cartels to make very bold moves – to literally take over some border crossings.  Both Biden and Harris will be terrified to make a move,  – and they’ll have nobody on staff that they can get good advice from….  The bad guys will win!  Biden might send Kerry to the border to negotiate….(sell out).

EXPECT  the Chinese to make a very serious move on Taiwan – once they have an invasion fleet built – and 200,000 soldiers they consider expendable.  They’ll see it as a training exercise,  – and a test of their young generals and admirals.  It will be a bloodbath for both sides,  and again Biden/Harris won’t have a clue.  China Joe may even secretly green-light their invasion – if he’s paid enough.

EXPECT  the Muslim invaders of France to slowly strangle that already-neutered country.  Give them another 8 years (population bomb and ‘refugees’) and the Muslim population will take over,  – including the French nuclear arsenal.  Belgium and Holland will fall soon thereafter.  There is no testosterone left in Western Europe.

Our Wall Street Global Traitors have sided with our Campus Global Communists – opting for short term profits and failing to see the real dangers.  They saw Trump as standing in their way of easy billions,  and now he’s gone.

Remember:  they hated Trump because he couldn’t be bribed, blackmailed, or threatened.

America – all of Western Civilization – is being challenged by some very real and ruthless enemies – Twelvers,  Mexican Cartels,  China,  and here at home by BLM / AntiFA communists all pushing the Green New Deal hoax.

Domestic Enemies have manipulated voting machines to give us China Joe and Senator Kneepads.

It won’t be until the next manufactured pandemic,  combined with $4,oo+ gas and home heating oil that people will ~ begin ~ to understand the wisdom of Trump.

And RIGHT NOW Democrats are passing laws everywhere to allow mail-in voting in EVERY election – because it’s the easiest way to cheat.

You had it good for 4 years – and you BLEW IT!

5 Responses to “There Will Be No Second Storming”

  1. Walter Knight

    In regards to Taiwan, I expect China to test our resolve first on the Matsu Islands, located about ten miles offshore from China. Administered by Taiwan, the islands have a population of about 200,000, and probably can not be defended.

    The Matsu Islands are the last point the Communists were stopped during the Chinese civil war.

    █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █
    The Red Chinese tried for Matsu and Quemoy in ’54 and again in ’58, – but Chiang Kai-shek was still alive and Eisenhower was in the White House. 4 weeks of intense shelling exhausted Mao’s artillery reserve – and made him look foolish. So he turned inward and began starving his people.

    Matsu snd Quemoy

  2. Kojack

    OUTSTANDING POST!!! I see it EXACTLY the same way. All branches of the military still have the CRAVEN BRASS POGUES that HUSSEIN replaced the most loyal officers with when he purged all of the services. Also, incredibly, many of them are GLOBALISTS. Those are also the reasons they refused to back Trump when he went to the Pentagon and said he was going to invoke the Insurrection Act. They are TRAITORS who should be EXECUTED!!!

    If CW2 is going to happen it will have to be the citizenry that conduct it but I don’t see the will to do it even though there are more of us than them.

    There may be some hope that things will turn around which is why the
    COMMUNISTS are trying to push through HR1 which will prevent Trump from coming back stronger than ever. The 2nd SHAM IMPEACHMENT is merely a distraction, getting HR1 passed is their real objective.

  3. Vic

    These are indeed degenerate days.
    “No man has ever ruled well who won the throne by bad means.”
    Gaius Tacitus 106 AD

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    Interestingly, the Burmese military just conducted a coup d’etat and imprisoned the country’s senior leadership. The reason for the coup (Maybe in some perverted Southeast Asian way….): Election fraud!

  5. Jim Buba

    SkyNews . AU

    Reports bad vibes INRE Taiwan, the islands and the obvious