Their Principal Is The School Bully

Posted March 16th, 2018 by Iron Mike

There was a very telling moment Wednesday in New Prague, Minnesota.  The high school principal singled out the Patriotic kid to bully.

While most of the kids at New Prague High were going along with the left-wing mantra that “Guns are to BLAME”;….there was one young man who seems to have been raised to be smarter – and more patriotic.  So Principal Lonnie Seifert ordered him off the campus.  It was caught on video. I smell a major lawsuit:

Somebody is raising this young man right,  and we can all be thankful that he has learned at an early age not to ‘go along’ with the crowd,  – no matter how popular their views are for the moment.

Seifert orders Dalsin to either surrender his sign,  – or leave campus,  – or be arrested!

Sadly,  it would seem like Principle Lonnie Seifert is in charge of a failing school,  – where emotional reactions to media hype rule the day.

Conveniently, – and well after the event,  Seifert took refuge behind an obscure “school handbook rule” which requires all signs “to be submitted for approval 24 hours in advance”…..

It would appear that he was really taking sides with his teacher’s union and the usual George Soros anti-gun socialist positions which had European Jews herded aboard boxcars headed for the gas chambers…..

Hey Lonnie,…how much HISTORY do you teach the kids at New Prague?  

Do you explain to them how 6 Million unarmed people were lined up, and either killed on the spot or loaded into boxcars?

New Prague – you need a new principal – and maybe a whole new school board.

4 Responses to “Their Principal Is The School Bully”

  1. Varvara

    So much for free speech…..

    Go back and read my comments from yesterday, where I said the same thing.

  2. Sherox

    How is that school rule even Constitutional?

  3. Panther 6

    Free speech is only good if you’re mouthing the tale the progressives want to hear. Young Andy should be applauded for his actions. I think a lot of folks are waking up to this having been a political event. Apparently several schools gave detention and other punishments to those who skipped school Bet we don’t hear about that on the MSM.

  4. Mt Woman

    How can we the people allow such shameful behavior to stop. The principal is a bully. At another time, he could have asked this young man to debate the topic of guns vs no guns and the 2nd Amendment at a school assembly–like they say, a “teachable moment”. However, now, he would be brought on stage and simply and loudly ridiculed by the masses–no one wins. We have become group-think sheep and are teaching our youth that this is OK.