The Wussifying Of America

Posted January 11th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Emboldened by his re-election, Obama will now neuter our military, and bankrupt our economy.
Reed Obama Hagel Jordan 2008

He plans to weaken us to the point of being less-than-equal to our real and potential rivals and adversaries.

This IS the ‘dream of his father’…

Americas threats are obvious:  – China, – a reemerging Russia, – Muslim/Islamist expansion, – and a population crush from Africa, Latin and South America.

Somali and Indonesian pirates dominate key waterways – almost unchallenged by threadbare world navies.

Even drug lords can mount a considerable and credible localized threat, – and have already carved out a ‘no man’s land’ in the southern Arizona desert; – unchallenged by Obama.

Pakistan has over 100 nuclear warheads. Soon, both Iran and Korea will have enough to be serious regional threats. But Obama and his SecDef nominee Hagel are talking about reducing our already shrunken stockpile by another 80%!

There are several key parts of ‘essential America’ that Obama seems to hate – at a visceral level.  We would be wise to be fully aware of it.

He seems to hate our Constitution [because it doesn’t do enough], our history of slavery [he still blames white people], our 19th Century history of Colonial expansion [he equates it with European colonialism], our 20th Century history of rising world power [he equates it with colonial power], our wealth [he thinks we stole it from poor people], and our 50 years of domination in space [he views it as America flaunting power].

Desert Storm

Mostly he seems to hate our naval, air and military power. Our two gulf wars and conquest of Afghanistan proved to him that we are ‘dangerous if left unchecked’.

He intends to check us.
Obama Nominates Kerry

It is unclear if he understands that chaos always flows into a power vacuum. Perhaps he doesn’t care – so long as that chaos is dark-skinned and/or Islamic, – and not English-speaking or Christian.  Yes, your current president is a racist.Whipping Up Anger

You are seeing a man bent on an agenda deeply rooted in envy, loathing, and hate.

In one sense you are watching the 1930s being replayed.

The key difference is that Hitler built up the strength of Germany, – Obama is tearing ours down.

All around you – two generations of one-world socialists are loudly cheering him on. It’s the key reason they want to confiscate your guns, tell you what to eat, what to drive, and how to modify your homes and your towns.  It is Agenda 21.

It would be nice if Republicans had the balls to stand up to Obama and these new-world socialists, – but today they’re snake-bit, – fearful of being called ‘racists’.

Preserving our Constitution, our military and diplomatic strength, and keeping America solvent, economically sound, and free is not ‘racist’!  You need to make your voice heard!

2 Responses to “The Wussifying Of America”

  1. Tom

    The silence from the GOP is deafening, and this massive dismantling will be done under the cover of some other crisis.
    The MSM will be silent and even the castrated military hierarchy will toe the mark. We are in serious trouble when Iran and North Korea flex their military terrorist might. God help us!

  2. Kojack

    Mike, the comparison to 1930’s Germany is so right on; especially the point about Hitler being pro-German and Obysmal being anti-American, that cannot be emphasized enough. I’m wondering why “2016: Obama’s America” didn’t get more play or recognition as it highlights all of the reasons for the dear leader’s motivations as well as his shady past. Most of the conservatives I talk to still haven’t seen it.


    It’s awfully tough for most Americans to actually BELIEVE we’ve managed to elect – first to the US Senate, then TWICE as President – an anti-American racist anti-Christ.

    But,…we did!