The Winter Of Obama’s Discontent

Posted February 2nd, 2011 by Iron Mike

This is a rough winter for many of us around the country.  We’re having record snowfall, a series of icy winter storms, and here in the Northeast the kids have had five snow days already.

Man-Made Global Warming:  Just the weather alone is debunking the voodoo science that the Al Gore – Obama Cartel was using to push through Cap & Trade.  It’s pretty clear now the earth isn’t warming, the polar bears aren’t dying, and the scheme to trade in CO2 futures is revealed as a scam.

Smart enough to quit while she’s ahead [of House subpoenas] Cap & Trade Queen Carol Browner quit the cartel. 

With this extra-cold winter, Obama better pray [to Mecca?] that home heating oil supplies are adequate – since he’s the one who stopped drilling in the Gulf.

Regime Change:  Then come the crowds of young people in Tunisia, Yemen, and Egypt, – taking to the streets demanding their aging dictators leave. 

Could it be that the CIA – told by Obama to focus on al Qaeda – failed in their most basic task of keeping tabs on the pulse and heartbeat of the population in every country?  Did Obama’s fear of being caught in a surprise attack like 9/11 cause him to look for the needles and ignore the haystacks?

Whatever the failure, the foreign policy team of Obama-Biden-Clinton was caught off guard, unaware, and totally unprepared to deal with the rapidly escalating events.

Obama’s first statement actually infuriated the crowds on the streets of Cairo.  So last night he hinted he was on their side “we hear you”.  Just great!  Now every strongman we’re trying to partner with feels that he could be the next national leader Obama will fling under the bus.

The turmoil in Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, and Egypt actually present the Western world an opportunity to export the discontent of the youth to Iran, where already we saw uprisings last year.  Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs are sitting on a very discontent population who have little interest in a holy war with Israel.  I am absolutely sure that Obama-Biden-Clinton will not see or grasp this.  Opportunity will be squandered.  

Chicago Politics:  For over a month Obama has been sending his most trusted team from the 2008 campaign forth from the White House to begin his 2012 re-election bid. 

Chief among them was Rahm Emanuel who would become Chicago’s next mayor.  But then that stick residency thing came up.  One court ruled he’d left town, the next court said he was good to go.  Chicago and Obama’s roots look even dirtier. 

Then to add color to the fray, one black female mayoral candidate – former US Senator Carol Moseley Braun called another candidate – Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins a drug-addicted crack whore.  Then she apologized.  Too late, everybody in Chicago is tinged by the slur.  And Chicago is a badly drug-addicted cesspool, er, city.   

ObamaCare Ruling:  Monday saw perhaps the ultimate rebuff of the Cartel’s crowing glory – the 2700-page ObamaCare bill, – the monster which creates 300 new federal agencies to rule all aspects of your life.  

Down in Pensacola, Florida Federal Judge Roger Vinson issued a carefully worded and detailed decision which blew the thing apart.  Siding with the 26 states which brought suit against the bill – he used Obama’s own words against him. 

In their rush to cram the monstrosity down our throats last year the Pelosi Genius Team forgot to include a standard severability clause, – so Judge Vinson was able to rule the entire bill unconstitutional.

Now the Cartel has a choice: accept the ruling and stop pushing the agenda, – or appeal Vinson’s decision to the Eleventh Circuit Court in Atlanta.  Continued efforts to implement the bill and staff the 300 agencies could be viewed as contempt of court, and create a second constitutional crisis for Obama. [The first being his very eligibility to serve based of birth and citizenship questions.]

This was actually the second federal judge to rule ObamaCare unconstitutional.  On December 13th Federal Judge Henry E. Hudson in Virginia ruled that the mandate to purchase insurance was unconstitutional.  With two carefully decided and well-worded decisions to weigh,  I think it entirely unlikely that any circuit court [except of course California’s Ninth] would now rule in favor of the bill.  

The US Senate could do us all a favor by voting to rescind in the next week, – then get on with a bill that would really fix health care by addressing Tort Reform and allow insurance companies to sell across state lines.  But that would be rational, and not the sort of centralized government control the socialists long for.

What is a pResident to do?

With four highly public political defeats in the past two months following the defeat of his agenda last November and a totally lackluster State of the Union address last week, – what can a pResident do to look “presidential”?

Well, he held some parties.

And he had his obnoxious wife send me an email announcing the choice of Charlotte, NC as the site of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.  

That puzzled me since I am familiar with some of the turbulent history of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.  

I wondered immediately if the Obamas had bothered to study the history of school de-segregation, school busing,  and the whole nasty series of court cases that made national headlines over four decades, and leaves Charlotte today with a series of private schools, magnet schools, and barely functioning gang-ridden schools.  Why would Obama highlight these government interference failures for 2012?

In her email Michelle Obama called the 2012 DNC “the People’s Convention“. Don’t know about you, but that strikes me as a prototypical communist slogan.



All of this leads me to wonder – what were Democrats really thinking back in 2008?   Did they just want to “make history” by electing our first Black president – regardless of his background and qualifications?  Did they really want an anti-colonialist socialist?  Was “Black” all they could see and all they cared about?

All you people who voted for Obama – are you living better today than you were in 2008?  Do you still think Obama is wicked clever and gifted?  Are you still blaming George W. Bush?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Here’s the national snow cover on 3 Feb,  after the blizzard!

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  1. Roland C. Cartier Jr.

    I’ve been steadily writing Letters to the Lowell Sun in regards to the total disrespect for all our people that all of our governments have. From the City,States on up they wonder why the “Tea Party” is growing? When I served with my fellow Veterans during the Viet-Nam war someone has to hold “the line” until help arrives. Remember our oath to preserve ,protect and defend “The Constitution of the United States” (Our Republic) right????

    USN Veteran