The Week Obama Shrank Our Country

Posted September 12th, 2013 by Iron Mike

He did it!  The USA is no longer a respected world super-power!
Shrinking Obama
The only words that fit these New World Socialist Democrats are conceiving and inept.

Obama’s scheme to remake the Muslim World – in the image of the Muslim Brotherhood – has just taken some hard knocks.

First the Egyptian Military – at the very least fierce patriots – saw what Morsi was doing, and joined with the folks in the street to dump him.

Then Obama’s plan to aid al Qaeda led ‘rebels’ in Syria backfired,  when war-weary and war-wary Americans balked.  Maybe it was just too close to the 9/11 anniversaries.  Maybe by now enough Americans finally understood that Obama cannot be trusted…

Maybe it was all those nagging rumors about Benghazi, – all the lies and blown cover stories – like the ‘vile anti-Muslim video’

War Hero KerryBut Obama’s warship just ran aground – ‘war hero’ John ‘Reporting for Duty’ Kerry at the helm.

Think about it; – a phony career lying ‘war hero’ tax-dodging gigolo plus a narcissistic ‘community organizer’ with a hidden résumé, – vs a hard-assed KGB Colonel…. Who comes out on top?

THE GOOD NEWS:  We’ve ~ probably ~ just avoided jumping into another no-win war – and on the wrong side. [I know, – there are no ‘good’ sides over there.]

THE BAD NEWS:  If a genuine crisis erupts somewhere that IS in our vital interest, – Obama has just proven he is not the man to lead our country, – let alone the free world.

AND, – we’re stuck with him for another 3 years 4 months and 7 days

5 Responses to “The Week Obama Shrank Our Country”

  1. Tom

    This pResident is conducting an assault on the United States because his dislike for the country and how it was formed are anathema to his Marxist beliefs. His success in jamming Obamacare down our throats culminated decades of trying by the socialists that preceded him and if it is not defunded will not only destroy the world’s best medical care, but our economy as well. His reign has been a success because of the fools that followed him blindly and an epidemic of white guilt.
    We must maintain our majority in the House and win the Senate to stop this despot.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Despot is right. Obama has always dis-liked our country. He wants it to become a banana republic. We need to stop him and all his minions in the senate.

  3. Walter Knight

    Our ultimate foreign policy goal should be a regime change in Iran.

    Iraq, Libya, and Egypt are victories for the US so far. Turkey is a defeat. Syria could have been a victory, but Assad’s propaganda campaign is beating the Free Syrian Army up pretty bad, and most are falling for it. There are good Arabs out there fighting for freedom against terrorism. The liberal media ignores them.

    It’s true that American’s are war wary. However, that is not a good enough reason to stop fighting the enemy. Images from the 9-11 Anniversary should remind us that Islamist plan to attack America, and will do it again. It’s better to take the war to them rather than wait until thousands are slaughtered here, again.

  4. Kojack

    Egypt turned out to be a plus for the U.S. (in spite of Obama’s interference not because of it) because the Egyptian military deposed Morsi, a dictator wannabe and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Libya is an UNMITIGATED DISASTER, where the radical Muslims are taking over, persecuting and killing Christians and posing a greater threat to U.S. interests than when Kaddafi was there.

    Iraq is quickly unraveling due to the intentional failure of the village idiot VP to negotiate a residual force agreement leaving Iran with unchecked influence in Iraq.

    In Syria there is no good option. Assad is bad but the Al Quaeda linked opposition is worse. Most of all THE U.S. IS BROKE!!! WE CAN NO LONGER AFFORD TO BE THE WORLD’S POLICEMAN.

  5. Hawk1776

    I have been to Russia a dozen times and consider it the most corrupt country I’ve ever seen. Now Obama has abdicated authority to Valery Putin, an “elected official” who is the de facto dictator of Russia. It boggles the mind.

    I thought we should stay out of Syria. Now, after Obama’s bungling, we have little choice but to stay out pf Syria. Obama has painted the US into a corner, weakened our standing abroad, and revealed to the world that he is a fool. Every day I think it can’t get worse, and every day it does.