The Warning And The Voice They Hated!

Posted September 5th, 2014 by Iron Mike

That was seven years ago – 2007, – and know-it-all liberals were babbling: “our presence in Iraq is only creating more terrorists…”.  Now even those mealy-mouth liberals want us to go back and clean up ISIS.

Even Senator Squaw wants us to destroy ISIS. Liberals think the problem is ISIS.

Funny how a few public beheadings can turn anti-war pukes into frothing hawks. Suddenly guys in black tunics must be dealt with.

Now,…in a mid-term election year, with the vote just 60 days away, they’re urging ‘military action’ and even ‘boots on the ground’

The problem is the power vacuum that Obama left wide open there!

Here in America – our forefathers had 150 years of self-rule to get ready for real independence.

The entire Middle East has been ruled by kings since before written history. There has never been a sense of ‘citizenship’; – they were always SUBJECTS! 

Individual responsibility gave way to Muslim obedience 1300 years ago….  

People tend to do whatever the guy with the sword [or the gun] tells them to!

We were need there as a monitoring and mentoring force for 40-50 years.

That’s worked pretty well in Japan and Korea; – and we never had to go back into either country.

If we leave a vacuum – evil will arise and attempt to fill it! Always has, – always will. And except for Mao Tse Tung, – there has never been a more evil force on the face of our Earth than Islam!

George Bush had his faults and his shortcomings, – but NOBODY ever doubted where he was born, who his daddy was, or which country he loves.

He had the courage to order the surge – and it worked.

We just needed to finish the job.

But Obama – the Muslim Wonder Boy – wanted to come home [cut & run], – because he was so much smarter than Bush…

How’s that HOPE and CHANGE working for you DemocRats?

Bush with troops

3 Responses to “The Warning And The Voice They Hated!”

  1. Vic

    If it weren’t for double standards, the liberal commies wouldn’t have any standards at all……..

  2. Walter Knight

    “I told you so.”

    However, liberals don’t learn the hard way. They continue blindly to make the same mistakes again, and their leaders continue with deception and treason.

    Liberals want Iraq and the Middle East lost to our enemies.

  3. Casey Chapman

    This is just an example of why it is said, that liberals work from their emotions, while conservatives work from their intellects. Which is to say that we work from the head. It tends to make better decisions than the heart does.