The War Obama Is Starting

Posted March 26th, 2010 by Iron Mike

As a lifelong student and sometime teacher of military history, I am watching in disbelief as your pResident methodically goes about fomenting a war in the Middle East.  Don’t believe the cover story that Obama is naïve about foreign affairs or military matters.  He knows enough to be very dangerous

The “quest” for peace in the Middle East began in the 1930s with the initial trickle of Jewish refugees into Palestine, – then a British protectorate.  After WWII and the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps – the trickle grew to a flood.  At this point Arab and western historians will differ about whether the Jewish immigrants claimed unoccupied swamps and purchased land for cash, but Jewish settlements – kibbutzs – did spring up throughout the length of that tiny country. 

When the UN finally acknowledged the accomplished fact of a Jewish State in Palestine, and split the land,  the various Arab leaders promised to end the situation in a quick push that would crush the tiny Jewish state and drive the “invaders back into the Mediterranean”.  They told the Palestinians living in the way to get out of town for the weekend.  The Arab invasion failed, and many of the Palestinians were told to stay in their temporary camps – which are now the infamous refugee camps – some of which have grown into towns and cities. 

All of the Arab-Israeli wars which have followed have begun when various Arab leaders needed to deflect attention away from their own inept and failing states, and heap “blame” upon the Jews.  And each has been a major miscalculation ending in defeat of large Arab armies at the hands of the small but well-trained and well-led Israeli Defense Force.  These repeated Arab military humiliations have fueled the quest for “the Arab Bomb”.  Libya’s Muammar al-Gaddafi may have gotten a good start,  Saddam either had a good start or was bluffing the world, Pakistan got the bomb, and the Persians in Iran are probably a year or two away – at the most.   

The Israelis – faced with never-ending hostility all around them, and the constant threat by Arab – and since 1979 Persian – leaders to “wipe them off the map”,  long ago invested in their own nuclear weapons program.  While their exact capability remains one of the world’s best guarded secrets,  nobody seriously doubts that Israel can in the end rain massive destruction on all Arab capitols and major cities, decapitating those governments.   

Nothing is exactly as it appears on the Middle East.  “The plight of the Palestinians” has been the rallying cry and smoke screen for a series of Arab leaders,  and now of Iran’s Ahmadinejad.  They really don’t care about them.  They import a few as cheap labor, but remain wary of their penchant for armed violence.  Over the past sixty years the Palestinians have fractioned themselves into many groups including Black September, Hamas, Fatah, and Hezbollah.  It would take three thick volumes to record all the violence and infighting and murders the Middle East has seen since 1947. 

Every American president since has attempted to nudge the various factions into some sort of lasting peace.  All have failed despite some temporary illusions, like Jimmy Carter’s Camp David Accords in 1978.  None have had any lasting effect, but the Camp David Accord inspired the Egyptian Brotherhood [the origin of al Qaeda] to assassinate Sadat in October ’81. 

So today Hamas and Fatah are divided after their own bloody civil war, each licking it’s wounds and planning reprisals – each trying to prove itself worthy of leadership.  Hezbollah occupies key areas of Southern Lebanon – poised to invade Israel from the north while raining down tens of thousands of medium-range rockets on Jewish villages.  And Iran is building the Bomb.

 And Now . . . The Obama Presidency

Against this backdrop,  our very one-sided pro-Arab pResident is sending all the signals necessary to embolden the most strident and militant anti-Israeli Arabs to continue their aggression in hopes of forcing the Israelis to back down and [their big dream] to be pushed back into the sea. 

This can only result in more Arab youths strapping on bombs and seeking martyrdom in Israeli pizza parlors.  It may embolden Hezbollah to attack this summer, – an attack I surely thought would come last summer.

Obama gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a conspicuous and highly rude snub Tuesday night at the White House.  The pretext is Israeli construction of “settlements” [fortified condo buildings] in Jerusalem.  Obama left him in the Roosevelt Room while he went to dinner- exactly the kind of peevish childish gesture by an idiot president which can lead to tragic miscalculations in the Middle East. 

Netanyahu already knew that Obama was likely to be unreliable at best, hostile at worst.  But for Obama to so publicly snub our closest [only] ally in the Middle East tells the Israelis that once again their backs are to the beach – and once again they’re in this thing alone.

As the suns sets on this unforgivable episode,  Jews around the world are getting ready to celebrate Passover.  America’s traditionally über-liberal Jews should begin rethinking their 2008 decisions to adore, fund, and vote for this false MEssiah – this agent of Islam who now occupies the White House.  Their votes put him there.  Now their kin in Israel will have to bear the brunt of Obama’s anti-Israeli prejudices. 

As other nations around the world see how quickly a change in the American Presidency can occur – this past occasion upon the whims of our generation of badly educated younger voters,  – they will rethink their alliances with us, and their trust in our leadership.  For clearly today we are being led astray, – and into Harm’s Way by someone who came to “fundamentally change America”.   Blood will flow.  Ain’t you proud?

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “The War Obama Is Starting”

  1. B Howell

    The Arabs will never make a lasting peace. Mohamed would make a truce for 10 years when it looked like he might not be very successful and then start building for war again, immediately. As soon as he had recovered his loses he would break the truce and start the wars again. This is the pattern we see today. Since Mohamed was the perfect man the Arabs of today, will follow this pattern.

    They did it in Lebanon.

    There was the Yom Kippur War. Look for the Passover War.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Those who fail to read and understand history are destined to repeat it, as someone once said. This pResident is calculating and dangerous and your article is a great history lesson. The blatant disregard for the Israeli State should be a wake up call for the Jewish supporters of the pResident, but based on their past performance this is unlikely.

  3. Ando

    Great article, scary, but great. It’s unsettling to see the people running the show in this country turning their backs on Israel and also to realize just how much damage this moron (the pResident) can do in the time left in his (hopefully only) term.