The War In France

Posted June 10th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Both the French and the US Media hardly cover it.   “Just not Politically Correct” – to show the ugly side of Muslim Immigration in a once-beautiful national capitol.

10-minute video below the fold.  Imagine this in America….because without strict immigration control it WILL happen here likely in your lifetime.

Napoleon had a solution:  “A whiff of Grape!”

After watching this – do you really think judges should be standing in the way of Trump’s Immigration Moratorium?

Remember that almost all of these young rioting Muslims are in France because they,  – or their parents,  – fled North African and Middle Eastern shit-holes and war zones.

They get French welfare – a LOT of it.  Yet they’re both ungrateful,  – and totally uncivilized…?  Why?

Is it their ‘religion‘, their ‘culture‘, – their ‘upbringing‘,  – or all of it?

Do you want this problem imported here?

Oh,…and remember that in their Liberal Wisdom, France abolished their Death Penalty….

A BIG PIECE of the French economy depends on tourism.  83 million tourists account for 7% of the French GDP.

They don’t want to scare tourists off, – so they try to keep this urban warfare and near daily violence hushed up.

MEANWHILE:  Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron believes GLOBAL WARMING is the greatest threat to his nation….

4 Responses to “The War In France”

  1. Kojack

    “Is it their ‘religion‘, their ‘culture‘, – their ‘upbringing‘,  – or all of it?”

    Doesn’t matter why, all we need to know is that it comes along with “the religion of peace” which we need nothing from and contributes nothing to the VASTLY SUPERIOR western culture.

  2. Varvara

    Thank you Mike. The same thing is happening in Sweden and Germany and sometimes in Denmark and GB.

    They will trash and burn anything that they can not have.

  3. Ralphie Boy

    As Varvara mentions, this is happening all over eastern Europe including Italy, Sweden and sections of Greece.

    These images appear to be more rioting against police and continuous destruction of businesses. Refugees, from all over appear to be more violent and we cannot even determine if these people have any respect for anyone.

    Scumbags for certain and if our country is not in support of the Refugee ban including the wall as requested by President Trump, we will soon see this type of violence everywhere in the USA. Many of this takes place by BLM, M-13 Gangs and of course the peaceful religion (cult) of Islam.

    We must unite and condemn these acts and hope we get law and order quickly in our country before it is too late. Say your prayers folks.

  4. Lonnie Brennan

    Well, at some point, folks will probably decide to play Cowboys and Muslims. Could be nasty.