The Ukrainian Treaty Democrats Forgot

Posted October 3rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Hardly a surprise,  Democrats forget SO MUCH History!

But there it is – a TREATY which REQUIRES the US and the Ukraine to cooperate in investigating criminal activity.  Trump wasn’t just having a friendly conversation,  – he was executing his DUTY under the Treaty!

It was former VP Joe Biden himself,  – in a moment of thoughtless bragging,  – who had alerted the entire world that he’d broken US Laws by using his office to blackmail a foreign government – to back off investigating his own corrupt drug-addicted son Hunter.

In that moment which Joe BRAGS about here – he sold his office for personal (and family) gain.

Thus as President,  – and our Nation’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer – it was Trump’s DUTY – both under our Constitution and under this Treaty,  – to ask Ukrainian President Zelensky for assistance in determining if, – and exactly how,  – former VP Biden had blackmailed the Ukrainian government in 2014.

Did he actually threaten to withhold US Aid Funds unless the prosecutor investigating his corrupt son was fired…?

The FACT that Obama chose to ignore Biden’s criminal political blackmail of a US Ally,  – should have been grounds for impeachment – back then.

BUT,…do Laws and Treaties,  – and even our Constitution,  – really apply to Democrats…?

2 Responses to “The Ukrainian Treaty Democrats Forgot”

  1. Aloha Snackbar

    Where are the actual Republicans in Congress? They should be asking the former Congress members who were in at that time, anyone in the administration, Al Gore, Obama and both Clintons to come in for Congressional hearings. The same goes for those still serving who were in at that time.

  2. Jim Buba

    Well, two of us paying attention means we shall be required to make some noise!