The Things Marty Walsh Never Knew

Posted February 4th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Boston’s thoroughly corrupt union thug Mayor Marty “Inflatable Rat” Walsh is headed to Washington to become China Joe’s Secretary of Labor.

Before he gets to oversee unemployed oil workers and coal miners learning to build windmills and solar panels – Marty once again demonstrated his utter incompetence.

It was earlier this week that Mayor Walsh elevated Superintendent Dennis White – 32 years on the job – to be Police Commissioner.

Did he bother with a background check?  No!  He just looked at the stars on White’s shoulders….

SUDDENLY old news raises it’s UGLY HEAD!

There was an allegation back in 1999 – of “domestic violence”.

Commissioner White’s ex-wife – also a Boston cop (on medical leave for 5 years Boston taxpayers) resurfaced her tale that Dennis had hit her and threatened to shoot her.  A restraining order was issued.

In 1999 the Police Commissioner was Paul Evans who served under Mayor Thomas “Mumbles” Menino.  Paul is the older brother of William B. Evans (the Garden Gnome) who became Commissioner himself in January 2014 – under newly-elected Mayor Walsh.

In 1999 the domestic abuse charges would have been thoroughly investigated by internal affairs,  – and Commissioner Paul Evans would have been fully briefed.  Dennis White – and his wife – remained on the job.

She’s waited all these years – 22 years – to get her pound of flesh?

And of course Walsh totally ignores due process and common sense;  – places White on suspension – and calls in outside council…because he’s such a WOKE and SENSITIVE fellow…?

Did Marty (busy rehearsing his Senate confirmation testimony) stop to consider something called the Statute of Limitations (battery = 3 years),  – or the number of times White’s record would have been reviewed – with each yearly report card and with each promotion since 1999….?


Mayor Walsh FAILED his due diligence to review the record of the man he elevated to Police Commissioner…

He then OVER-REACTED in haste,  wanting to brush away any messy details that might derail his own appointment to Biden’s Federal Gravy Train.

THUS,  while Officer White ~ may ~ have committed assault and even battery back in 1999,  – competent people in the chain of command back then thought the evidence was less than compelling. 22 years is a long time to be resurrecting old domestic grudges.

Is the former Mrs. White – a Boston cop out on ‘medical leave’ for 5 years – looking for a payday?


Marty Walsh only elevated Dennis White because he was standing there – fully qualified and ready to take over.

If there had been a Black,  – a Hispanic,  – a woman,  – or a wheelchair-bound transgendered dwarf available, – THAT person would be the Commissioner today.

Marty is all about appearances – and his next payday.  Loyalty to voters and team members is an unknown concept.

Marty is off to Washington,  – while Commissioner White will twist slowly – slowly in the wind, – as a team of unseen Boston lawyers will decide if he keeps his job:  – or do they launch an exhaustive nationwide search for a transgendered dwarf….in a wheelchair….

Will any of the Senate Democrats at Marty’s hearing bring up his years of drinking?

Meanwhile,  – sitting in a cell up in New Hampshire is Mass State Police Sergeant Bryan Erickson (who is also a Senior Master Sergeant in the Marine Reserve).

Erickson is facing serious assault and battery charges on his girlfriend.  His wife back in Massachusetts is probably talking with an attorney today,  – but Erickson may lose both his State Police pension and his USMC pension before the dust settles.

$ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌ $ ▌

Heads UP Department of Labor!! 

If Marty gets confirmed – expect him to treat each of you the same way he’s been treating Boston Voters – – as expendable stepping stones to his next job.

He’s really experienced at flinging subordinates under the bus!

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