The Taliban’s Arms Dealer Babbles….

Posted August 24th, 2021 by Iron Mike

He has just equipped the Taliban with an enormous supply of advanced 21st Century arms and equipment;  – and he was prepared to abandon Americans and our allies in place,  – so he could make a boastful speech on 9/11….

He speaks for a mere 13 minutes – mostly about his job-killing economic wealth transfer package – then lies about “allied unity”…

At the very end note how he has trouble remembering the name of his Secretary of State, – Antony Blinken….

CNBC Version – without the distraction of the deaf interpreter.

Biden is proving to us every day that he is so far gone that he really doesn’t understand that his pullout was a sellout of both our Afghan Allies and the Americans in country.

All he could think about for months was taking his VICTORY LAP,  and proving that somehow he was smarter than Bush, Obama, and Trump…

In every dark corner of the world – our enemies have judged this sick old crook,  and they’re ready to pounce.

And if he is removed,  – all they’ll have to worry about is the San Francisco fellatist.

2 Responses to “The Taliban’s Arms Dealer Babbles….”

  1. Vic

    he sounds about as coherent as Der Fuehrer in April 1945

  2. Kojack

    He had grand illusions of boasting that he was the one who got us out of Afghanistan when previous administrations could not on on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 per the WSJ. He didn’t consider HOW he was going to get us out.

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    Two (2) parts to that problem: He never gave a damn about our military – so he had now way to know which generals were competent….

    AND, he ignored the military during hi 8 years as VP – so he didn’t see that Obama was purging the fighting generals and promoting the AA/EEO ones – and the kiss-asses….

    Now, when he needs a tough honest general – he has no idea which ones are which.

    The sick old fool may still try making that speech…