The Tables Are Turning On The Coup

Posted May 12th, 2020 by Iron Mike

While we’ve all been hoping for a virtual parade of high-profile Obama-Hillary Dems doing their perp walks into Federal Court; – it will more likely come in smaller, less spectacular events. But walk they will!

As we and Richard Grenell await the Senate Confirmation of John Ratcliffe as Trump’s DNI,  Richard has been busy.  He just turned the list of coup plotters (likely with their emails and phone conversations) over to Attorney General Bill Barr.   For all the Little Fish – there’s only one way they can save themselves….

At great risk are Obama’s inner circle of White House big shots,  Loretta Lynch and her top echelon of DOJ Directors,  “Saint” James Comey and his top FBI Directors,  – and perhaps a few goons at the CIA and NSA,  – if they were involved in electronic surveillance.

All the fingers are going to point to Jarrett and Obama himself.

It was Obama who most felt Flynn’s honesty,  outrage,  and inquiries would jeopardize his legacy and comfortable retirement,  – since Flynn was already looking into WHO had armed ISIS,…and what events had led up to the Benghazi Massacre….

Like any thug,  Obama figured if he silenced the loudest voice,  – all the others would shut up and slink away.  It sure worked with Jeff Sessions.  It seems to be working with Christopher Wray.

But in the 3½ years since Obama left office,…the Democrat power base has eroded, and his “legacy” has been nothing but an afterthought as Biden and Bernie battled it out this year.

The coup plotters – who all forsook their sworn oaths to our Constitution,  and systematically violated the civil rights and privacy of many – including General Flynn,  should be facing termination,  loss of pensions,  federal convictions,  and prison time.

And since they acted in CONCERT,  the RICO Statue should apply,  – and they should lose their homes and other property.


There is an overriding concern that the United States not begin to look like an emerging Third World country,  – where each incoming government goes after their predecessors…often throwing them in prison.

BUT,  – the FLIP SIDE to that is that we also cannot look like a Third World country where high crimes like TREASON and ATTEMPTED COUPS are acceptable and go unpunished,  just because prominent families are involved.

Nor can America survive another ATTEMPTED COUP such as we have just witnessed.  People need to do SERIOUS prison time.

3 Responses to “The Tables Are Turning On The Coup”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    According to Q, many have already lawyered up. Corney put out a veiled request for deal and was shut down. Yes, many will arkancide themselves, and more will be arkancided so they can’t spill the beans in exchange for a lesser sentence (life at Gitmo instead of death, maybe).

    Treason MUST be punished – and the rule of law MUST be re-instituted, for many reasons. We will never re-establish our Republic without the Rule of Law in force.

  2. Stubby Buddy

    Here’s an article on the Rule of Law. I don’t agree with it all, but there are a slew of really excellent points made. Think about them. Disagree, sure – but think deeply about WHY, and base it on fact, not the “feels” of it. The “feels” are there to ruin your ability to reason; get the FACTS. No matter how unpalatable.

  3. Jim Buba

    As you all had been warned, this is a slow process, the one that can bring proof for the Means, Motive and Opportunity.

    Two out of three just ain’t good enough.