Posted December 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

If you once thought Eric Holder was just a Nasty Black Democrat Lawyer and friend of Barack Obama,  – it’s time to see him in a new light.

Yesterday he tweeted a THREAT to President Trump,  – a pretty ballsy move for a former Attorney General still under a Contempt of Congress Citation.

The issue for us to consider – is can he deliver mobs of people in the streets – in DC, in New York, – in Boston and Philly…?

Based of the 40,000 Soros soldiers who came to oppose the August Free Speech event in Boston, – they probably can.

So the battle lines are drawn:

The Soros SWAMP has entrusted Mueller to go fishing – to haul up any shred of ‘evidence’ that can be used to justify an impeachment, – or even criminal charges against Trump.  

They’ll settle for a juicy sex scandal….because their media allies (the Propaganda Ministry) will run it every hour…forever!

They don’t care how ridiculous it is,  – how ancient,  – or how far removed from reality,  – they want Trump on the defensive,  damaged,  – fighting for his office,  – and even fighting for his freedom.

They think that Pence will then ‘be manageable’.

So Eric Holder – who is tied with Loretta Lynch for being the most racist, corrupt,  and anti-Constitutional AG we’ve ever had,  – feels comfortable threatening the sitting president with riots in the street.


It seems Mueller after 7 months of fishing – Mueller hasn’t found anything that would hold up in court,  – so he’s now combing through 30,000 emails related to the Trump Transition Team.

Funny how quickly he got those,  – since we’re still looking for Lois Learner’s emails, – and Hillary’s 30,000 emails….. 

It must be magic!

8 Responses to “The SWAMP Issues A THREAT”

  1. FLICK

    Why won’t Holder and Obama ever go away? Haven’t they done enough damage to our Country?

    The adrenaline levels on these two should-be felons must be running at their peak.

  2. Sherox

    Bring it. Don’t sing it. We are ready for you and waiting.

  3. Panther 6

    Flick is right, both Holder and BHO have done too much damage to this country and both should go away, for a long time, to prison. And Hillary and Loretta Lynch should go with them. The damage to our military alone is enough for charges of treason in my mind,,,,OFF with their heads!

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, BHO…..simply more evidence of the deterrent power of the death penalty….

  5. Gary

    You know the difference between Eric, Loretta and a Clinton ? (color)

  6. Kojack

    Chris Tanto Paronto, one of the Benghazi hero survivors, replied to withHolder’s tweet saying correctly that withholder doesn’t speak for the majority of the American people and that he is nothing more than a corrupt POS.

  7. John "Ben" Beninati

    Sounds like he wants to start a riot or has something to hide or both.
    He’s worried about something.


    B I N G O !

    HE was Attorney General when Mueller ignored / scuttled the Fast & Furious investigations, the Benghazi investigation AND the Uranium ONE sale by Hillary!

    He’s essentially a co-conspirator!

  8. John pagel

    Why isn’t Holder in jail already?