The Smell Of The Truth Rotting…

Posted October 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

We are told by the media that the Las Vegas Massacre is a story of a madman,  – of assault rifles and bump stocks,  – of helpless concert goers,  and heroic rescues and super-doctors saving lives.  But 18 days later,  – too many parts are missing.

Today on the Ellen DeGeneres Show – that anti-gun / anti-Trump snarky lesbian comedienne will interview (pre-taped) the hotel security guard who allegedly took one of the first bullets.  He’d dropped out of sight for days.

This is starting to smell like the Grassy Knoll…

Just like the JFK assassination,  the Waco Massacre,  the Sandy Hook Massacre,  the Benghazi Massacre,  – we’ll likely NEVER get the TRUTH about the Vegas Massacre,  – and whether there were additional shooters.

Already witnesses are dying, and our ‘media’ is simply reprinting press releases – even as the time-line keeps changing.

If Stephen Paddock was ever a real person,  by now we should have his life story year-by-year,…his sources of income year-by-year,  – and have photos of his life through the years.

But we don’t.

That odor you’re smelling…?  The TRUTH rotting in the Vegas sun!

What’s your story angle Ellen?

That GUNS are bad that that Jesus Campos (who may be an illegal alien) is a brave good guy…now fearing deportation…?

Your show is geared to fat stay-at-home low-information liberal voters,  – those who voted for Hillary.  How does it serve the Public for this witness to ‘testify’ (not under oath) on your show before being fully interviewed by law enforcement and a Grand Jury?

From the Media and their political allies – we’re expected to believe:

–  that one lone gunman did the shooting – because he was insane

–  that he smuggled all the guns,  ammo.  and TV equipment to the 32nd Floor – BY HIMSELF

–  that he killed himself as the SWAT Team arrived…

–  that “Bump Stocks” made his weapons more deadly – and must be outlawed.

–  that future massacres can be prevented if we outlaw ‘assault weapons’…

SO ASK YOURSELF THE AWFUL QUESTION:  Are there people in our land so evil – so dedicated to gun control,  – that they would stage a massacre of innocent people,  – just to advance their anti-gun narrative? 

What kind of help and support would they have needed…?

When the story you’re being fed
doesn’t jive with your common sense…
– you have every right to be skeptical!


Surprise Surprise!  Ellen blows the interview…

3 Responses to “The Smell Of The Truth Rotting…”

  1. hddan

    I am extremely skeptical. The left is so good at slinging bullshit that they have convinced their low intelligence followers that they are safer from a maniac if they are unarmed! Common sense would dictate that you are safer if you can fight back. I am not a Herculean strongman and I thank Sam Colt, John Moses Browning, Eugene Stoner et al for the ability to protect myself and my family. I am sure that Ellen has an armed security detail protecting her just like the rest of the elite that wants to leave us defenseless. When they were telling woman to carry a police whistle to prevent rape, I told my wife, yes carry a police whistle attached to a .380 pocket pistol.

  2. Kojack

    There needs to be an independent investigation by someone who has no motive other than seeking the truth.

  3. Vic

    SO ASK YOURSELF THE AWFUL QUESTION: Are there people in our land so evil – so dedicated to gun control, – that they would stage a massacre of innocent people, – just to advance their anti-gun narrative? – ——————————————–
    Yes, Mike, I have no doubt there would be willing volunteers among the anti-Trump/ anti-Republican psycho-left to waste a bunch of “repugnicans”, especially if they were promised witness protection program new identities by their masters. No doubt at all.