The Six Obama Unmaskers Are Named!

Posted May 13th, 2020 by Iron Mike

These six high-ranking Obama Administration officials asked the NSA to unmask (to give a specific name of a US Citizen) so they could connect an intercepted conversation with an individual (likely an incoming Trump Administration official).

They were desperate to undermine and scuttle the incoming Trump team, – and thus hit upon further embellishing the already discredited Golden Showers / Russian Blackmail scheme by adding “Russian Collusion”.  Thus a totally legitimate phone call from General Flynn to Russian Ambassador Kislyak became their weapon.

It could best be described as a fishing expedition, – which Comey and his crooked top dogs at the FBI turned into a perjury trap for General Flynn.

Ambassador Samantha Power: 7 requests between 30 Nov 2016 – 11 Jan 2017

CoS Denis McDonough: 1 request on 5 Jan 2017,

VP Joe Biden: 1 request on 12 Jan 2017

FBI Jim Comey: 1 request on 15 Dec 2016

DNI James Clapper: 3 requests from 2 Dec 2016 7 Jan 2017

CIA John Brennan: 2 requests, 14 Dec & 15 Dec

These six all need to be punished (along with Obama himself),  – and Comey,  Clapper,  and Brennan need to do serious prison time.

Biden can EASILY plead insanity….

Democrats will have difficulty understanding the ROOT CAUSE:  That these six and most of Obama’s inner circle – WERE ALWAYS DIRTY – THEIR WHOLE LIVES!

2 Responses to “The Six Obama Unmaskers Are Named!”

  1. Jim Buba

    When do we start the China Collusion Hearings?

  2. Stubby Buddy

    Anyone notice that a bunch of the first unmask request dates are BEFORE the call from Kislyak to Flynn?

    Who ASKED Kislyak to call Flynn? For that matter, who signed the Flynn FISA order for the FISC?

    Was this an FBI entrapment scheme from its inception? (can you say yes? – sure you can)