The Sinister Shadow Of Mitt Romney

Posted September 21st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Perhaps in all our land there is no more ruthless Republican presidential contender stalking the political back rooms and gatherings than our former governor – Willard Mitt Romney.  Mitt lost a senate race to Ted Kennedy in 94, then went and rescued the Winter Olympics, and returned to snatch the governorship from Jane Swift.

But he was quickly off to slay his next dragon, and in 2006 abandoned his protégéé LtGov. Kerry Healey to face Duh-Val Patrick – who won the election with a David Axelrod slogan “Together we can“.  Romney hasn’t stopped campaigning. His sights are set on 2012. He knows he can beat Obama. He knows that by October 2012 – damn near anybody will be able to beat Obama.

But that damned Sarah Palin keeps hogging the TV time, the news, and the public eye. Somehow he’s got to do the same thing the Democrats are trying to do – marginalize her, knock her off the campaign trail and out of contention.

An opportunity came today. Jeff Perry is running for Congress in the Mass 10th – the only Massachusetts congressional race without a Democrat incumbent fighting to keep their seat.  Today Jeff became the Mitt Romney sock puppet when he referred to Sarah as “an entertainer” and said he would refuse her help even if she called.

That’s called throwing yourself on the barbed wire so others can charge across by stepping on your back.

To please Mitt [over $1 Billion in his campaign war chest] – and probably for some vague promise of future employment – Jeff has just pissed off all Sarah’s fans and friends in the faint hope of picking up a few unenrolled votes.  Dumb move?  You make the call, but right now Sarah’s kicking more ass across the land than Mitt is. I think Democrat Bill Keating is probably going to help you remember this afternoon for awhile.

Jeff – can you say “Mea Culpa“? Try it on one knee. Maybe both?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “The Sinister Shadow Of Mitt Romney”

  1. Rabid Republican

    Right on analysis… I don’t know what Jeff hopes to accomplish other than to please Mr Mitt. It would have made more sense to say nothing than to go out on this particular limb. rr

  2. Perplexed Senior

    What is it with these MA elitist Repubs and their fear and disdain for the Tea Party? I gues they don’t understand that most of the passion that exists in the GOP today has been generated by the Tea Party. First is was Scott Brown after we all worked our asses off to get him elected, he threw us under the bus and became “Mr. Bipartisan”. Now it is the Mittster, with his perfect coif, unblemmished skin and country club attire dissing the Tea Party. Then Jeff Perry, who we thought was the real deal conservative, already selling his soul to the elite establishment. Are any of these people to be trusted?