The Schumer Shutdown Explained

Posted December 22nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Don’t get wrapped up in the media reports about “who is to blame” for a government shutdown. Most of that is mere theater….

The REAL ISSUE is how much some of our elected leaders truly HATE our Young Republic, HATE our Constitution, and LUST for Absolute POWER.

They had so been looking forward to President Hillary – and working smoothly with her to curtail your freedoms,  – outlaw certain guns (then ALL guns),  – dry up the ammunition supply to civilians,  – and import enough Mexicans and Muslims to turn White Christian Americans into a cowering minority.

They came >THAT< close…..but Trump won.

For two years they have been struggling to thwart his efforts to Make America Great Again, – and if at all possible make some phony charges of “Russian Collusion” and “Money Laundering” stick – to both impeach him and try to indict and arrest him….

They’ve entrusted the heavy lifting of that fantasy to Robert Mueller….

Pelosi is 78, she’s been in government since 1987 – 31 years.  She and her husband have made MILLION$ from “investments” (aka insider trading) thanks to Nancy’s ability to learn industrial and financial secrets and steer legislation.

Schumer is 68, a Harvard lawyer who never went into practice. He’s been in government since 1975 – 43 years.  Allegedly he worth less than a Million,  but I suspect he’s managed to squirrel away a fortune.

Schumer has a long-standing personal hatred of Donald Trump,  – while Pelosi’s hatred is more philosophical and political.  They are both committed communists – pretending to simply be liberal Democrats.

And they are not going to miss an opportunity to weaken America – no matter how many Americans are killed, injured, raped, and traumatized by illegal immigrants.

Pelosi and Schumer both understand that there will be collateral damage in the kind of warfare they’re waging. If an illegal Mexican or a Muslim jihadi kills you – they’ll barely shrug….

It has been said many times that “People get the Government they DESERVE”. New York and California have given us these Domestic Enemies – but they are surrounded in our Congress and in our government bureaucracy by thousands of fellow travelers…..

.not to mention millions of union school teachers and college professors dumbing down our kids and brainwashing them about “the evils of capitalism”, – the “traditional racism of America”, and “the inherent fairness of Socialism”.

And it’s not just the ‘Democrats’ who are the problem; – many so-called ‘Republicans’ are just as crafty and self-enriching….

If we Americans can’t correct the problem – SOON – at the ballot box, – we’re going to need a substantial stockpile of ammo, – and medical supplies.


2 Responses to “The Schumer Shutdown Explained”

  1. FLICK

    And THEATER is all that folks today know. If it’s entertaining, it must be reality. No need to think or form an opinion, just accept what is presented.

  2. integrity 1st

    Doncha just love the left’s take? “Who believed that “great negotiator” stuff in the first place? Who? Anybody with half a critical mind and an attention span longer than a gerbil’s could figure out in 2016 that Donald Trump was no master negotiator.”

    I’d venture to say otherwise.