The Scary Part: Republican Memory Loss

Posted October 24th, 2019 by Iron Mike

I was fortunate to be at a local meeting last night – of some really GREAT hard-working Republicans….every one of them a True American Patriot.

But when I asked the group – maybe 50 people mostly in their 50s and 60s,  – “Who was Norman Thomas?” – not a single hand went up.

So this morning I want to re-issue Americans a CAUTION:

President Trump cannot by himself save America from invading Mexicans peasants or Muslim jihadies,…or Chinese bandits.

All his 2016 election did was buy us a scant 4 years to get ready for the next onslaught of globalists, socialists, Muslims, commies, and America-haters.

And since the “Democrat Party” is really just an umbrella group for those barbarians, – it is up to Republicans to get ready for this next phase of the Battle for America.

If you don’t know or don’t UNDERSTAND who the enemy is, – or your soft ooey-gooey soul won’t allow you to acknowledge that your next-door Democrat ~ just might ~ be raising his kids to someday euthanize you, (to save the Earth of course), – you might not like how the 2020s and 2030s turn out…

If you’re not outraged to the point of physical violence – when your local union school teachers brainwash you kids by praising Cuba, Venezuela, China, Islam, and the LGTBQ Culture,…you are setting your kids (your grandkids) up to be victimized,  – and perhaps sent to the re-education camps.

You won’t like America under their version of “Democracy”,  – and if that word ‘democracy‘ doesn’t truly frighten you,  – you are clearly blind to the looming evil.

Has your local school taken your kids to a mosque – without even getting your permission?

Are your schools and your local politicians telling you and your kids that “Muslims are just like all other people – they just want good jobs”?   

Do they even talk about 9/11 in your school anymore?

Why isn’t 20th Century History – or the History of the Crusades – taught in our schools…?

Why don’t kids learn about the History of the Democrat Party,  Jim Crow,  the KKK,  Indian Removal and the Japanese Internment Camps in our schools.  How about the Tuskegee Experiments…?

With just 53 weeks until our next Election,  – why are Democrats and their Media Allies filling the air with IMPEACHMENT,  – instead of examining the actual criminal backgrounds of the Democrat Candidates?

Republicans – only YOU can expose the FRAUDS!

2 Responses to “The Scary Part: Republican Memory Loss”

  1. Jim Buba

    Build the Wall or settle for the 40-caliber solution

  2. Kojack

    Great history lesson, Mike! DEMOCRAT=SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST.

    Judging from the callers I hear on the radio talk shows I listen to, our side(patriots) is finally beginning to realize that ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION BUT A THINLY VEILED MILITARISTIC/WORLD CONQUEST IDEOLOGY. But that’s just OUR side. Everyone else(lib-TURDs and the uninvolved) is OBLIVIOUS.

    The public schools have done a tremendous amount of damage from which our beloved republic may not survive after we’re gone.

    One good thing that may come out of U.S. Civil War 2.0(if it happens) is that there will be an opportunity to clean out all of the negative influences the way Pinochet did in Chile. Then measures can be put into place to prevent it from happening again.