The Scandal Factory Comes To Boston

Posted June 12th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Markey w Pet SnakesThey’ve barely met,

hardly spoken beyond greetings,

  – but today our World Socialist Scandal Factory will come to Roxbury Community College to heap false praise on a 40-year do-nothing government worker….

How desperate is Obama that he would lower himself [oxymoron, I know…] to campaign for the lackluster Ed Markey? 

But what else is Obama any good at? 

His singular accomplishment after 4 ½ years is to make a certain racist peanut packer from South Georgia look more statesmanlike and presidential with every passing day.

Today’s ironies are many: 

Suddenly Obama has to worry that fake Republican Gabriel Gomez ~ might ~ actually beat the career do-nothing…  With impeachment becoming a possibility, every MoonBat senator is valuable.

Today’s venue – the Reggie Lewis Center, – is named after a young Boston Celtics player who died too young, and under a cloud of possible cocaine use – the same stuff Obama is alleged to have used [still uses?] in his youth.

I sincerely doubt that Markey ever saw Lewis play – since he lives in Chevy Chase.  He may well never have seen the Celtics play in his entire life!

So today’s event is calculated to help the VERY WHITE Markey win some black votes, – and help Obama build back his flagging black voter base….

RobersonOh, and of course we should mention that Roxbury Community College has a new President starting next month – Dr. Valerie Roberson, …from…Chicago….

And Obama’s trip…? Yep, YOU’RE PAYING FOR IT!
Reggie Lewis Center

Reggie Lewis Track & Athletic Center
1350 Tremont Street,  Roxbury Crossing, MARoxbury Crossing Event

4 Responses to “The Scandal Factory Comes To Boston”

  1. Tom

    Also diagonally across the street is the Boston Islamic Center, a hotbed for the Muslim Brotherhood and Muslim extremism in the Boston area, not coincidental.

  2. Sheryl

    Mike I can’t stomach Mr. Markey, however what makes me totally enraged and sickened more than BO’s in person endorsement of candidate in his own party is Gomez begging letter … Drooling and pandering and sniveling to get his 5 minutes of fame from Barry! Call me crazy Mike…

    Call me wrong, and President Reagan please forgive me as I break the 11th commandment!

    Gomez is a very dangerous man! He has his own agenda, he wants to fundamentally change the Republican party into the “New party”… No thanks Mr. Gomez.,, I have no problems with the parties core values and principles! NOT politically correct to say but I’m not known for it anyway… Right now it might be better for our future to let Markey take it for a year than risk the damage that Gomez potentially can do for the conservative movement! God help Us ALL!!! There I said it!

    I can’t stomach EITHER one either,…and there is logic to both schools of thought…

    But TIME can be an evil master, and if elected, Markey would have a MINIMUM of 18 months as a US Senator – voting on judges, ambassadors, cabinet officers, and possibly impeachment…

    So,…maybe better a RiNO for 18 months than a world socialist…?

  3. Casey Chapman

    I plan to hold my nose, and vote for Gomez. Yeah, yeah, I know. He’s a RINO. But he has to be better than Markey. My sister-in-law’s dog, Bella would be better than Markey.

  4. Kojack

    After the disappointing results of the GOP special senate election primary, I was going to sit out this election but since then I’ve decided to pull the proverbial lever for Gomez as I have come to the conclusion that a RiNO is better than a Marxist, and not voting is a vote for Markey, who I despise.