The Sad Fate Of Ed Markey

Posted May 1st, 2013 by Iron Mike

MarkleyA day after winning the senate seat in
June, – he’ll return to obscurity.

He’ll go from being the 8th most senior Rep – to Lizzy Warren’s junior water boy.

And Senator Squaw will be polite – even welcoming; – until she fully realizes that despite his 36+ years on the Hill, – he’s about as sharp as a sponge.  He might not get more than a handshake from Obama, but Biden will be all over him, enjoying the rare company of an intellectual equal.

Markey's Senate Life

Ed will take this as acceptance of his higher status.

It won’t be, it’s just that Obama doesn’t let Biden hang around the Oval Office, – Our National Village Idiot is usually lonely….he can tell Ed every dirty joke he knows…

So Markey – a man with the intellect of a sponge, and the ambition of a lifetime postal clerk – will return to his normal status – the Invisible Man.  He doesn’t have to move – just do essentially the same job from a different office building.

But almost immediately he’ll have a tough decision to make – whether to run for re-election in 2014.  If he wants to – he’ll have to explore unseen parts of our state – in person. The Berkshires and Fall River can be terrifying for a city boy from Chevy Chase!

He won’t have to worry about Stephen Lynch again, Steve won’t risk his day job to challenge him in a regular election year.  But Deval Patrick is a real threat!

O and DPatrick is unlikely to be Hillary’s running mate – with Michelle so handy.

So Deval has a choice:  – go back to obscurity in private life himself, – or run for the Senate – where he’ll have no executive decision-making to bother with. 

Markey’s senate career could be very short-lived. He’s made himself the disposable Democrat.

Meanwhile, back in Cohasset – former Navy SEAL Gomez will be considering his own options.  Up against Markey and Deval, – he won’t want to risk his fortune on another Senate run. 

If ONLY he’d run for the MassGOP Chair job – his Spanish language skills could have easily doubled our party enrollment.  So Gomez will be stuck in Cohasset, while we’re stuck with the Mouseketeer.

7 Responses to “The Sad Fate Of Ed Markey”

  1. Casey Chapman

    So——-I guess nobody is willing to hold their nose, and vote for Gomez?
    Granted, I REALLY don’t like him either, but to at least try to keep Markey out would be the right thing to do. I know we don’t like him, but we really don’t like Markey, so—–let’s go vote, people.

  2. Walter Knight

    Gomez is an ex-Navy pilot and SEAL. Being an excellent swimmer, a requirement for all Massachusetts Senators, and a background in finance, he should do fine. At least he has done worthwile things with his life, rather than just feeding at the public trough.

    Gomez says he is a fiscal conservative, and wants Obama care repealed. A graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Gomez promises to be pro-military.

    The deal breaker for some conservatives is his pro-choice abortion views. Get over it. The majority of Republicans, and Americans, are pro-choice. Get used to it. It is the anti-abortion activists who are out of step, holding our Party back. So what if drug addicted mothers abort their future low-information welfare crack babies.

    What about gay marrage? So what to that too? America is at war, and you rant about gay marrage? Our country’s very existance is threatened, and you’re upset that today’s America is not what it used to be. America will always change. It’s what we do.

    The majority party in the Senate controls appointment to Senate committies, where the real work is done. It’s important to support Republican candidates, even if they don’t pass the inflexible litmus tests of one-issue so-called conservatives.

    Being a conservative means supporting a strong national defence, supporting anti-crime measures like the death penalty and the admission of reliable evidence in court, and getting the government out of our personal lives. Smaller less-intrusive government works better. What can be more intrusive than the federal government passing anti-abortion laws and meddling with gays, and issue no one cares about anyway.

    Gomez calls himself a ‘new kind of Republican.’ He is. It’s called a winner.

  3. Hawk1776

    This was posted by Bob Hall, a former state representative from Fitchburg on his “The Old Jarhead” blog.

    “Before you criticize someone as a RINO, look at the district. When I was a state senator, I represented a 4-1 democrat district, which before me was last won by a Republican in 1938—in a disputed close election. If I had been seen as an uncompromising Republican, always voting the party line, I’d have been replaced by an uncompromising Democrat who always voted the leftist party line and thus always cruised to reelection (that I think is how the seat is held today.) In many cases, given the make up of the state or the district, you aren’t going to replace that “RINO” with a more conservative Republican. If you get a conservative in the primary, you get a liberal in the election, to the benefit of Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi and the detriment of conservative causes. The RINOs vote Republican to organize, so if the GOP with RINOs has a majority, conservatives are in control of most committees”.

  4. Kojack

    Walter, I can deal with the pro-choice as long as abortions are not taxpayer funded but I will not agree to:

    1.) let 2% of the population define marraige and the family- the most basic building block in the wall of western civilization.
    2.) more gun control we have too much already
    3.) amnesty for illegal aliens which put the final nail in our country’s coffin both economically and culturally.
    4.) Gomez says he is willing to raise taxes in the name of compromise.

    In short no matter who wins we the people lose as both of their positions on all of the important issues are virtually identical but if Markey wins(and he will thanks to the unenrolled dumbocrats and the other massholes) the GOP will be that much less tainted by another RiNO.

  5. Walter Knight


    Actually, government funded abortions works for me, because it’s the welfare recipiants that most need abortions to keep them from out-populating us.

    As for Illegal aliens and amnesty, who is going to harvest our crops? Harvesting cant be completely automated. Bring in the harvest has become an accute probem is every state now.

    As for Gay marrage, the World will not com to and end because of gay marrage. With gay marrage comes gay divorce and gay community property settlement. Let the gays get it stuck to them in family court, too.

    We need a majority in the Senate, and Gomez is a winner, and the best the voters of New England will provide. The people of Boston are patriotic. You could see that in the impromptu parade after the terrorists were killed and caught. They live conservative, but vote liberal. The problem is these unimportant social issues that allow our country to be at risk of more liberal rule.

    We are at war. It’s time we act like it.

  6. Kojack

    Walter, you miss the point – like Judas Brown, Gomez may give us the majority in the senate but will vote with the dumbocrats. BTW it is legal migrant workers who pick the harvest, not the illegals who do nothing but commit crime, take badly needed jobs away from American citizens, and drain the money out of our society with no contribution whatsoever and if they should be give citizenship and voting rights they will ALWAYS vote for the hand-outs.

    The people of Boston are BOSTON STUPID – they along with the illegal sanctuary city we know as the PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CAMEBRIDGE voted for the same leadership that is now allowing them to be SLAUGHTERED in the name of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

  7. Western Civ

    True story from 1985:
    At a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast on the north shore,
    Markey told his jokes and nobody laughed.

    Markey: “Why does everyone hate me so much?”

    George Keverian (then Speaker of the Mass. House):
    “Because, Eddie, you’re an a–hole.”