“The Risk Is Now Impossible To Contain”

Posted January 18th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Katie Olivia Hopkins has become “controversial” since bursting upon the political stage a few years ago,  and the hard left has begun a campaign to muffle her.  Thus she is worth 24 minutes of your time to hear!   Her message is a mixture or humor, vulgarity, and terrible truth.

All Americans need to hear this message:

If Katie’s lament sounds familiar – that’s the damned point! 

London is LOST!   Large parts of Europe are already LOST!  

The invasion from the Barbarian Islamic World is nearly complete,  – aided and abetted by the left-wing media.

Caution Snowflakes – Katie uses salty language!

England is being systematically invaded by Muslims – and the French are just happy to see them passing through France – rather than staying there.

And maybe now you can understand DACA and Chain Migration – as the camel’s nose under the tent….

4 Responses to ““The Risk Is Now Impossible To Contain””

  1. Walter Knight

    That was a refreshing video. I now have a refreshing new word for liberals: Cockwomble. I will try to work ‘Cockwomble’ into one of my novels.

  2. Catherine

    Very powerful talk. Why have I not heard of this wonderful, BRAVE woman before?!


    Because the Propaganda Ministry didn’t deem it good for their agenda. Same reason they don’t report the robberies, rapes and murders committed by illegal immigrants…

  3. Kojack

    I have seen Katie on the Tucker Carlson Show on FNC. She is terrific!

    Great video depicting the UNVARNISHED TRUTH about the blight on humanity called Islam. Putting herself in danger like that makes Katie TOTALLY CREDIBLE unlike the LIB-TURD DO-GOODER COCKWOMBLES she talks about. THEY ARE NOT REFUGEES BUT UNARMED INVADERS AND THE EUROPE’S LEADERS HAVE THEIR HEADS UP THEIR ASSES.

    When the UK, along with the rest of Europe takes the ultimate, final plunge into Islamic domination, I hope her and Nigel Farage will come here with their families.


    Agreed Kojack. But before that awful end comes I hope Europe wakes up and starts playing Vikings and Muslims….

  4. Panther 6

    This lady is great,,,,tells it like it is and damn the torpedoes. We in the USA need to pay attention. IF we don’t sort out our borders, build a wall and change our immigration policies we are doomed. We need to add more Republican Senators if we are going to stop this subtle invasion aimed at taking over our country.

    Agree with Iron Mike, it is time to play Cowboys and muslims here in the USA.