The Republican Stalling Tactics Begin

Posted July 26th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It was a simple amendment – offered by Ted Cruz,  – but 9 Republicans joined the Senate Democrats in defeating it – 57 to 43.

Their reasons differ widely – they are NOT all the same.

Some like Lee and Paul want a clean repeal.  Others fear facing voters if there isn’t a clean and easy replacement,  – essentially ‘FREE MEDICAL SERVICES’ for the very poor in their states.

Others like Maine’s retard Susan Collins and Alaska’s premier criminal Lisa Murkowski actually believed Obama back in 2008,  – and think that ObamaCare means ‘free medical care’. 

Don’t try talking with Collins – it’s like talking to drywall.

And then there’s the money….  The old-timers know the longer they hold out on ANY yes vote – the more money will pour into their re-election war chest.

Do they think they can over-play their hand?  Seems they don’t.

But they could be paving the way for a total Democrat comeback – under somebody awful like Senator Squaw or Bernie the Buzzard in 2020 – and see the entire House and Senate turn Blue,….paving the way for single-payer government health care – like England has…

…which just ruled that little Charlie Gard must die….because he’s too expensive to treat.

One Response to “The Republican Stalling Tactics Begin”

  1. Mt Woman

    I thought that the money being paid out to Dems in 2010 to support the passage of Obamacare was deplorable. I find it the same today. Regardless of party, doing the right thing shouldn’t require pay-off to your state or to your own campaign coffers.