The Real Benghazi Plot?

Posted November 27th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Foul internet rumor; – or stark ugly truth?

Did the Benghazi Massacre start as an Obama re-election plot, only to go terribly awry?  Was it really a fake kidnapping – to make Obama look good in October, keeping the press focused on his ‘presidential actions’?

Did Stevens and his bodyguards die so Obama could get re-elected?

Is this why no rescue was launched, – why Obama told two commanders to ‘Stand Down’, why General Ham was fired, – and why the phony story of the offensive Mohammed video was concocted? 

The Alleged Plot:

A group of ‘Islamic Terrorists’ [pick your own label] would waltz unopposed into the US consulate in Benghazi, and ‘kidnap‘ Ambassador Chris Stevens.

As ransom they’d demand money AND the return of the Blind Sheik – Omar Abdel-Rahman, convicted in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing plot – now held at the Butner Federal Prison in North Carolina.

Above all persons, the Muslim Brotherhood considers the Blind Sheik a martyr and they want him back.  It was one of Mohammed Morsi’s first demands when he became President of Egypt in June.

So, had it worked as planned – September and part of October would see the world watch Obama conduct discreet ‘secret’ negotiations – probably through a third party [Morsi?] with the ‘terrorists’. 

A successful exchange would occur and Obama would be center stage for the successful return of Stevens. 

All of this would obscure any Republican campaign message, and potentially negate the need for Obama to debate Romney ‘too busy saving Stevens to debate’ , – ‘putting politics aside for the good of the hostage’.  They knew the mindless and the simple would buy it.

Does sort of explain why Obama was so disinterested and unready for that first debate, doesn’t it?

The cover-story about an ‘offensive anti-Muslim video’ was concocted weeks, if not months in advance.  If it hadn’t been made, – they’d have found something else.



Doherty, Woods, and Smith – the Three Warriors!   Almost every time Democrats / Progressives plan an actual operation – they manage to screw it up.  The only exception seems to be voter fraud….

So despite leaving Benghazi essentially unguarded, i.e. no Marine contingent, only local Libyans hired as outside guards, and no effective back-up plan, three valiant warriors ruined Obama’s plan that night.

The kidnappers – more likely the Muslin Brotherhood than al Qaeda – [admittedly a very fuzzy line] thought they were simply to walk in, snatch Stevens at gunpoint – and whisk him away in the night.  The hired Libyan guards would have melted away at the appointed hour.

And the local Libyans did in fact desert their posts per the plan

What makes this crime all the worse is the premeditation of having two CIA drones overhead to watch [co-ordinate] the event. 

Imagine the irony of having Smith, Doherty and Woods believing the drones were there to help them, as they painted targets with their laser designators!

Two AC-130U Special Ops gunships were less than an hour away.  What a difference they would have made if scrambled!

So the assault is mounted and the Three Warriors fight back.  There are stories that they may have killed upwards of 80 attackers – before running out of ammunition. 

If true, many of those attacking lost brothers and cousins in those hours.

It might help explain why Stevens was raped [sodomized] before, during and after being choked to death.  What was to have been an easy and highly paid snatch mission had become a family bloodbath for the MB goons, and they took revenge.

Thus on the night of 9/11/2012 Obama’s big plan to control the news for the next seven weeks was in shreds, and Stevens was dead. 

The Muslim Brotherhood [Egypt’s Morsi?] had nothing to trade for the Blind Sheik.  There could be no masterful negotiations, – no heroic homecoming welcome for Stevens with Obama – OR for Abdel-Rahman with Morsi.

AND, there were too many people who were part of the plot, – or who had been parts of the stood down rescue attempts.  There are a LOT of people who must be silenced –  Obamacided.

So first you watched them put the blame on the Muslim video – all the way to Obama’s insulting speech at the UN.  It was all about the video.

Then slowly the details began to leak out about rescue missions that Obama stood down.  Then General Ham was fired.  Meanwhile that empty pantsuit UN Ambassador Susan Rice was sent on the TV Sunday talk shows – still with the Mohamed Video story.  A seasoned and practiced parrot of the Obama-Clinton line – she was a perfect cassette recorder to load for public playback.

The Obama White house is currently throwing up an additional diversionary smoke screen by ‘defending Susan Rice from racist GOP attacks‘.  Susan Rice is only an issue because she is manifestly corrupt and inept.

The REAL STORY remains why she was fed a bull shit story to deliver to the American People.

Two months later Senate Republicans McCain, Graham, and Ayotte are publicly poking holes in her story and questioning her in private. Today the headlines are ‘We’re more troubled after her private testimony…’


Believe that Obama has probably never told the truth except in vague hints of his anti-American and anti-Capitalist agenda.  We still don’t really know who his father is or where he was born – or even what his real name is.

Believe that the cartel backing him – led by George Soros are thoroughly ruthless.  They’ll gladly kill dozens, hundreds, even tens of thousands – to stay in power.

Believe that key participants and witnesses will begin to resign from office and/or begin to die in mysterious and eerie circumstances.  It will be like the Kennedy assassination all over again.  The resignation of David Petraeus from CIA was just the beginning.

Believe that James Clapper Obama’s ‘Director of National Intelligence’ is an absolutely empty suit – a total idiot – not fit to push a broom around the CIA.  Anything he says is either a lie, or made-up bull shit!

Believe that Obama’s gun-running from Libya – through Turkey – to the MB elements in Syria are just a small piece of a much bigger puzzle. All of this smells of Obama’s aid and abetting the MB takeover of the Middle East – in total cooperation with Egypt’s Morsi. 

Believe that sooner or later Americans in the CIA and other organizations will have pangs of conscience and say ‘Enough!’  They will come forward with their own evidence.

Believe that Obama has a full four (4) more years to cover up this crime and eliminate witnesses.

Believe the MB still want their damned Blind Sheik back.  There will be new attempts to get him…



I end where I began, – this ~ could ~ all be just a foul internet rumor…

BUT, where are the photos of the White House situation room taken during the attack?  WHO was there; – WHO issued those ‘Stand Down’ orders?  Was Morsi promised ‘no resistance’?

WHERE are the drone videos from the attack?

WHY and HOW could Obama and Clinton be so sureso immediately – that the attack was in response to an unknown and barely viewed You-Tube video?  Unless…it was a prefabricated cover story…?

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