The RATS Inside The GOP Establishment

Posted March 20th, 2016 by Iron Mike

They’re so addicted to ‘access’,  power,  and their piece of the taxpayer pie,  – that they’re perfectly willing to let Hillary be elected,  – even re-elected,….to keep their comfortable status quo.
Ron Kaufman Chocolate Pants insider
No,  they don’t represent working Republican taxpayers;  – they represent themselves.  But they’re pretty arrogant about it – even produced this propaganda video….

As you watch this theatrical production,  understand this was not filmed in secret!

This was scripted and produced – because they believe that uninformed and uninvolved voters would see it,  – and be sympathetic to their anti-Trump concerns…..

It is a total attempt to bullshit those who don’t pay daily attention to politics.  Hard to get more arrogant…..but they will….

Remember as you watch, – these ‘insiders’ truly believe that they OWN the Republican Party,…so they feel free to run it the way they want to….and your votes don’t count!


RICK HOHLT [Major GOP Fundraiser]

MARK McKINNON [GOP Strategist and Executive Producer of The Circus]

VIN WEBER [Former Congressman]

RON KAUFMAN [White House Advisor Bush 41 / K Street Lobbyist]

MARK HALPERIN [Political Journalist and Executive Producer of The Circus]

ED ROGERS [White House Advisor Reagan, Bush 41]

ED GOEAS [Pollster, Anti-Trump Super PAC, McCain Campaign]

MIKE DUNCAN [Former GOP National Chairman]

NOTE:  You don’t hear a WORD about what they can do to HELP Trump….

7 Responses to “The RATS Inside The GOP Establishment”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    We can only hope that karma will bite each of them in their very important bank accounts and their closely held allegiance to the power brokers.

  2. Sherox

    Here are some additional things that people may not know about Mr. Kaufman.

    People should be aware of who he is.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Well, around that table, and this may be the bottom line, at least Ed Rogers has it correctly….

  4. Clinton ma tea party

    Buchanan Quotes

    The two national parties in Washington, DC, have become virtual Xerox copies of one another. They’ve got sort of a phony battle that goes on like professional wrestling, and then they all move on to the next town. I think a lot of Americans are fed up with politics as usual, and would like a real choice.

    — CBS This Morning – September 1999

  5. Tom OurChildrensFuture

    This is a disastrous Presidential cycle that threatens to pull down the entire ticket potentially jeopardizing the balance of power in the US Senate and House!

    Not to mention the chaos of potential Presidential choices that include Trump, Cruz, Clinton, and EVEN Bernie Sanders!

    CNN and NYT/CBS polls released Monday showed Gov. Kasich leading Clinton by an average of 5 points, Donald Trump trailing by an average of 11 points, and Ted Cruz trailing as well. ONLY Kasich stops Clinton or WORSE Bernie from reaching the White House. How long are we going to ignore that those head-to-head polls have NEVER really showed any other outcome over the last 6-12 months.

    For the sake of this country, someone PLEASE tell me what’s wrong with the steady hand and experience that John Kasich would offer America at such critical crossroad for our country!

    I think it was either Alexander Hamilton or Peter Marshall (John Cougar Mellencamp more recently) who first said “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”.

  6. Iron Mike

    Well Tom,…since you ASKED….

    Kasich is a RiNO PUSSY, unfit to lead us in global struggles against ISIS, the NorKs or China.

    He is anti-gun, – voted FOR Bill Clinton’s failed ‘assault weapons ban…

    He is FOR ObamaCare…..

    He is pro-illegal immigrant – wants to give them BOTH amnesty and eventual citizenship….

    He has NO INTENTION of ever sealing our Southern Border….

    He has NO CLUE how to bring jobs back from China….

    And,…he is a runty little PRICK who commands NO RESPECT from world leaders,…as evidenced when he has to snivel and beg for network coverage….

  7. Tom OurChildrensFuture

    Speaking of respect, you and any candidate you might support (I suspect Trump)cannot command respect without an ability to communicate in a civil manner without school yard insults and bullying.

    Hey, I too love “tell it like it is” and “plain-speak” versus the double speak we’ve all grown so tired of from politicians. Unfortunately you all go way beyond that and that’s what the other 60%-70% of the Republican party have a problem with, and visceral reaction to.

    Not to mention your blatant misrepresentation of the facts. If you cared to educate yourself any more than you already are – you can visit for the truth about where Kasich stands on the issues you misrepresented.


    Sorry Tom, – I don’t CARE what’s on his WEBSITE; – I’ve watched the man for decades, – and watched ALL the GOP debates.

    His ACTIONS speak far LOUDER than any website!