The Racist NY City Principal Just Got Elected!

Posted December 22nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

He unseated 12-term Eliot Engel – Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee,  but his entire campaign seemed focused on race.

Jamaal correctly understands that big city Blacks live on Democrat voter plantations,  – so his solution was to join the ranks of the overseers…?  Read his lament:

Per Jamaal:

“Capitalism is slavery by another name!”

“I believe our current system of capitalism is slavery by another name.

We’ve moved from physical chattel enslavement and physical racial segregation to a plantation economic system.  One that keeps the majority of Americans unemployed,  or underemployed and struggling just to survive,  while the power elite continues to concentrate wealth in the hands of a few,  and allow large corporations to pretty much run the world as multinational corporations.

The pandemic has revealed it.   With almost 300,000 dead from the pandemic,  disproportionately black and brown,  and Jeff Bezos is the first $200 billionaire

In the next six years,  he might become the first trillionaire.  That’s slavery by another name.  It’s a system that’s not working,  so we need a new system.”

Jamaal was one of many disgruntled “Democrats” (really socialists or communists) recruited to run against sitting Democrats in “safe” Democrat districts,  – where Republicans have little hope and often don’t even bother running….

Starting in 2018 they started winning,  – often by unseating complacent incumbents in the September primaries.

The transformation of the former Democrat Party (formerly pro-union American working patriots) to a party of international Socialists / Communists cloaked in “Global Warming” and race warfare camouflage is nearly complete.

Norman Thomas and Bernie Sanders are quietly delighted;  – even if Bernie campaigned for China Joe – only to be abandoned out on the front porch.

There is nobody in the American media old enough or educated enough to see it happening,  – so they’re acting like excited cheerleaders instead of reporters.

What you’re watching – is the culmination of four or five decades of tireless work by America’s Traitors – union school teachers and college professors,  – who have been steadily brainwashing impressionable kids that somehow American Capitalism and Free Enterprise is inherently unfair; – because everybody doesn’t get to live a middle class life.


So Jamaal has departed the mean crime-ridden streets of the Bronx,  – for the Hallowed Halls of Congress – – where he can count on being on TV at least weekly,  – if he can keep up his steady stream of race grievance soundbites.

The trusting voters of NY’s 16th CD have swapped out an old white Democrat elitist for a new Black Plantation overseer,…and they’ll be no better off because of it.

In time Jamaal will become addicted to that Potomac Water,  – the privileges,  – the bribes,  – the flattery,  – maybe even the easy sex.

He’ll be another Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton – but he’ll be holding elected office,  – so he won’t have to shake down businesses for “contributions’.   

They’ll come to him – bearing ‘gifts’.  Merry Christmas Jamaal!

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