The Racist Legacy Of Barack Obama

Posted July 20th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It’s been a long 10 years since the upstart senator pushed the wrinkled hag aside and packed 84,000 worshipful fans into Mile High Stadium in Denver to hear about his vision of “Hope and Change”…

It could be said that not since Hitler in 1933 has one man been able to hoodwink so many people – and certainly not so quickly!  10 years later – with nothing to show for their loyalty,  – they’re beating drums and burning flags on the sidewalks…

This was not the Future that Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about to Black Americans back in the 60s.

When I was a kid – in the late 40s – the Black kids I played with and went to school with lived with their parents.  They did their homework,  – were respectful,  and I was as welcome in their home as they were in mine.

Democrats robbed those kids of a decent future – under the guise of “The Great Society”.

10 years ago Obama ~ seemed ~ to be promising Blacks a fresh start,  – and they were genuinely excited.

But they misread his character and his intentions.

Having secured their vote – he turned his back,  – flung the Ponzi Scheme called ObamaCare at them, – gave out some free phones,…

….and did NOTHING to fix their union-run schools or stop their daughters from becoming unwed teenage mothers…

EVEN WORSE:   during the Obama Administration,  he and Democrats in general began to show a clear preference for illegal Mexicans over Black Americans.

Now bitter and shrill race-baiters like Maxine Waters are still fanning the flames or racism.  It seems to be a Plank in the Democrat Platform.  She’s helping con yet another generation of young Blacks into believing that violent protests and ugly anti-White attitudes can bring social rewards….

What it WILL result in – is yet another generation of alienated,  uneducated,  and disenfranchised Blacks,  – raising more teen mothers and prison inmates,…and chalk outlines.

These folks came out Thursday to support Maxine Waters in front of her LA office.

Obama and his evil race-baiting acolytes squandered 8 priceless years and have set race relations back to the late 1960s….

3 Responses to “The Racist Legacy Of Barack Obama”

  1. Kojack

    The DEMOCRAPS knew what Dinesh D’Souza pointed out in “Obama’s America”, that between white guilt and the urge to vote for ‘the first black president’ HUSSEIN would win, especially against a RiNO like McCain who would never get conservative support.

    For his part, HUSSEIN never gave a rat’s ass about blacks, other minorities, illegals or the plantation dwellers who merely wanted to vote themselves more of other people’s money. He only used them to get elected and then cause division and hatred.

    The only thing he truly cares about are his fellow muslims and communists, which was apparent in his background and policies.

  2. Mt Woman

    I’m just a typical white woman. Clinging to my guns and religion. Because of this, I must have missed Obama’s 8 years of greatness. Thank God for Maxine and Rev Al, they are force feeding me racism and idiocy and telling me it’s ice cream.

  3. Panther 6

    BHO has set back race relations in this country at least 60 years. Kojack is correct, BHO did not care a whit for our black citizens who truly deserved better. There is an undercurrent of racial animosity throughout the country and it is hurting our black citizens, thanks BHO. The NFL is a classic example of what I speak. I have sworn off PRO F’Ball completely as have so many other real Americans. This is going to hit the pro’s in the pocketbook before it is done. Blame the sorry Quarterback whose last name begins with K.

    And BHO is still out there stirring the pot in an effort to bring pure socialism to our country.