The Putrid Stench Of Broward County Voting

Posted September 2nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

In open court Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes testified before Judge Beth Bloom that her process of insuring clean elections “isn’t perfect; – that illegals and felons ‘could have’ voted in 2016”.

With 62% of the county’s residents registered to vote – do you think ~ maybe ~ they have an integrity issue…?

Broward County has 1,909,632 people,  – and 1,180,950 are registered voters?  That would be an incredible 62%.

Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes has been repeatedly in the spotlight,  – once for having ballots in play that omitted a marijuana referendum,  – once for (allegedly) meeting Hillary Clinton in secret,  – and last election for (allegedly) having poll workers filling out absentee ballots….

All this in a county where Democrats outnumber Republicans by way more than 2 to 1.

595,688 Democrats   50.4%

254,966 Republican   21.6%

326,405 No Party       27.6%

   3,891 Other Parties

You would think that an elderly Black woman – deep in Florida – would have seen enough Democrat corruption hurting Black folks in her lifetime – – to have no part of it…

But historically – the biggest and most brutal exploiters of any minority or suppressed group have always been the Uncle Toms of that minority group.

So Brenda got elected as Elections Supervisor – then re-elected,  – and seems to enjoy both the power and the spotlight.  A non-profit group – the American Civil Rights Union – sued, – and now her dirty dealings may see the light of day.

Being a Democrat – she’ll shrug it off – feeling her only sin was being exposed.   No shame – no guilt,  just take the money and don’t worry about the little people.

UPDATE:   Monday 14 May 2018   It seems Snipes has still been at it,  – burning ballots to cover widespread election fraud,  – this time in the 2016 Democrat Primary for the Congressional seat.

Judge Anuraag “Raag” Singhal just ruled that Snipes had illegally destroyed the ballots – at least a year early – and without any authorization.

There is only one (1) way that Democrats conduct the business of Government: DIRTY! 

2 Responses to “The Putrid Stench Of Broward County Voting”

  1. Kojack

    My parents, now in their mid 80’s, have a condo in Ft. Lauderdale that I’ve been to many times, so I’m somewhat familiar with the area. Definitely lots of snooty democraps from the NE. Most of the everyday street-crime in the area occurs in neighboring Miami-Dade county.

    Election impropriety is something I’ve always suspected in Florida.

    When Allen West lost to that flunky back in 2012, more votes were cast in his district than the total of registered voters. I’ve always wondered why West didn’t contest the results of that election.

  2. Leonard Mead

    As a Florida resident, taxpayer and voter, this is delicious. The “sunshine” may finally sanitize the corrupt democrat election voting frauds in my state.

    These crimes should bring JAIL.

    And next Tuesday, Trump will rule on whether the illegal “dreamer” kids of criminal aliens who crossed our border illegally will actually be deported as current existing laws require.

    Will we be a nation of laws, or political correctness?

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative