The Pundits STILL Don’t “Get” Trump

Posted May 4th, 2016 by Iron Mike

It was just last August when ‘political genius’ George Will spat out his disdain for Donald Trump with the words “…this course and vulgar man”.Fred Barnes Weekly Standard
The NY City and Washington DC political class are trying to catch their spinning heads this morning,…because Trump has a very good chance of being sworn in next January.

George WillWill’s remarks last August showed how very out of touch these political writers and pundits are from Middle America…

Remember when we were reporting on seventeen (17) Republicans and “Republicans” in the race.  Some you’d never heard of,  and most were quickly swept aside…

They quickly became insignificant,  because a celebrity Americans knew and trust jumped in – and said he’d build a WALL!

And,…he’d get Mexico to PAY for it!

And within days he doubled-down “Halt Muslim immigration…”!

Babe Ruth never hit homers like that!  The left ranted “racism”,…but Middle America was suddenly awakened by the call from somebody who they knew they could trust,

– and who clearly didn’t need the job or the grief!

People – whole families – who’d given up on politics either during the Vietnam War, or during Watergate, – or the Iran Hostage Crisis, – or during the Clinton Impeachment,…were suddenly registering to vote – some for the first time in their adult lives.

They’ve suffered for 20, – 30, – even 40 years, working, – paying their taxes, and watching government and welfare rolls grow….

They’ve felt helpless,  – and they’ve only seen spineless politicians come around to ask for their vote, – when it’s election time….

Suddenly there is a shared vision: “You’re FIRED!”

Trump You're Fired

They have no clue how difficult it might be for President Trump to start shrinking government and firing the dead wood,….but they’ve been offered nobody else they trust to do it

…and they DO WANT that WALL built!

There is no community in America that hasn’t experienced crime from illegals, – from DUIs to break-ins, – to murder, and to drug gangs.  Trump’s promise to deport 11 million illegals is the best music they’ve heard in over 20 years….


And still,…the Washington and NY City pundits are bewildered…?

Joe Arpaio

Today’s op-ed by Weekly Standard [aka the Weakling’s Standard] writer Fred Barnes shows his focus is casting blame on Ted Cruz.   It was never Ted’s fault; – he’s a great lawyer and senator,  – but this level of politics is show business!

Remember,…for years the pundits patiently waited for this year and the Dynasty Re-Match between Jeb and Hillary…. Now it ain’t gonna be,…and those files of old video they had ready are worthless….

This morning I’m betting that key decision-makers within the FBI are looking at what they might do to further scuttle Hillary’s quest for Queenship,  – and thereby save the Nation from a 3rd Obama term. 

I think we’ll see some interesting movement soon.

I’m pretty sure some of the cupcakes on Hillary’s State Department staff know they won’t do well in federal prison,…and are already trying to cut deals for insider testimony… Because it doesn’t look like Hillary’s going to be in any position to issue them Presidential Pardons….

Trump vs Sanders…?

Ya think that ~ just maybe ~ John Kerry, Joe Biden, and Michael Bloomberg are all having second thoughts, and making phone calls…?

And it’s only just begun…..

4 Responses to “The Pundits STILL Don’t “Get” Trump”

  1. Vincent Picarello

    You said it all Mike.

  2. #blackgunsmatter

    Mike, excellent statements! I’m very happy today. Trump needs to stay on message, hit hard, and never back down. The liberals are shitting themselves today…

  3. Jim Gettens

    Trump is utterly contemptible, but I’ll hold my nose and go with the Crass Clown over the Psychopathic Criminal Bitch.

  4. Walter Knight

    Trump dares to fight back when attacked by the left. How dare he.