The Pre-Loaded Spring-Action Left

Posted January 16th, 2011 by Iron Mike

A little-reported incident in Tucson this weekend demonstrates the mindset [or the mindlessness] of our left-wing loonies.  First it shows the Left is trolling for stories, and that there are loonies on the left all too ready to spring into action.

Perpetual Leftist ‘journalist’ Christiane Amanpour of ABC was turning her meat grinder yesterday in a follow-up piece in the aftermath of the Tucson shootings.  She was on stage with a panel which included Tucson TEA Party leader Trent Humphries.  Guided by the liberal Amanpour the conversation turned to reviewing gun control.  Humphries allowed that he would like to wait for the dead to be buried before discussing changes to legislation.

Sitting conveniently in the front row was an actual shooting victim from last Saturday – James Eric Fuller.


Immediately after the shooting Fuller, who campaigned for Congresswoman Giffords, is reported to have said: How many more demented people are out there? It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the rest got their first target   Yesterday, Trent’s words were too much for Fuller.

He jumped up, and with his cell phone snapped a picture of Trent, yelling “You’re dead!”  Tucson law enforcement may be a bit on edge right now,  so Fuller’s actions weren’t well planned. He was promptly escorted from the building, arrested, and taken to the local rubber-room for observation.


Items to consider

Amanpour was born in Iran.  She is decidedly left-wing – married to former Clinton press secretary James Rubin, and fighting a ratings battle.  She needs to keep stirring the pot.  An incident like yesterday draws viewers, which the Nielsen Rating Services records, and which ABC uses to price advertising.

Despite being wounded in the knee and back a week ago – or maybe because he was,  Fuller was seemingly on a hair trigger.  Or was he?

From a website on hypnosis he had submitted some details about his past life:

Areas of Specialty:

I use extraordinary persuasive charisma to interest blase, apathetic, oblivious and at times hostile voters to listen to the voice of justice and consanguinity. My experiences encountering public figures and many affluent travelers in person has led me to believe that we all are to blame for George W. Bush.

As Plato stated, “The penalty that good men pay for not being interested in politics is to be governed by men worse than themselves.”

About Me:

Non-deep pocket with a lot of heart. Began life as a computer operator, military service leading to non-physical disability, unable to resume career, left main stream and lived in small towns for a decade studying library books and piano, moved into Tucson in 1994 and worked as a Chauffeur for most of 10 years, presented state-wide initiatives at libraries, worked elections, in ’09 worked at the Census Bureau as a field rep and a clerk. Non drinker for one year, non smoker for 40 years.


Piano, bicycling, tennis, proselytizing

Did you catch his Bush-hater line?  Look again. 

Being military myself, I’m equally interested in the ‘military service leading to non-physical disability… left main stream’.  Hmmmm?  Should somebody in the press be asking for a DD 214?  

So Amanpour will get a ratings bump.

The left-wing has a new double-victim:  James Eric Fuller.  I think he’ll get his full 15 minutes of fame.  

Amanpour is the known quantity – a perennial left-wing axe-grinder.  She is the perennial ratings chaser, willing to exploit tragedies, the wounded, the dead, and the mentally challenged for a bump.

Fuller is the unknown quantity.  I don’t think anybody should accept his blog entry as fact.  I know in the post-Obama era – where we have an undocumented worker in the White House, – it seems silly to actually ask for documentation of a résumé, but we better get used to it again. 

Just what was the nature, length, and caliber of his military service,  what is his non-physical disability, and where did he wander during those lost decades?  What other than a fresh bullet wound earned him a front seat?  Who placed him there?

Amid the shock and pain of his own wounds after the murder, he had the presence of mind to rattle off a list of ‘guilty right-wing suspects’ to blame.  Spring-loaded?   

See if details emerge, or is this back story going to be buried along with Obama’s birth certificate and his grandmother?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

James Eric Fuller

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