The Overreach Which Undid Obama

Posted September 10th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Overreach at UN 25 Sep 12…and he’s probably unaware of it.

In the days it was happening, most Americans were unaware of it’s importance or it’s consequences.

Too bad, because it should have changed the outcome of the 2012 election, – and we’d be on our way to recovery now.  Instead, we’ve got to live and suffer through another 3½ years with this failed narcissistic fraud.


Historic Cases of Overreach:

Publius Varus’s march into the Teutoburg Forest…

The British raid on Lexington and Concord…

Lee’s attempt to encircle Washington by way of Gettysburg…

Napoleon’s march on Moscow…

Custer’s decision to attack…

Moltke’s attempt to fight a 2-front war…

Churchill’s insistence on Gallipoli…

Mussolini’s campaign in Abyssinia…

Hitler’s attack on Stalingrad…

Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor…

Argentina’s Invasion of the Falklands…

Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait…

Obama’s decision to topple foreign leaders…

Whether is is a string of too-easy victories, – a case of underestimating opposing forces, – a failure of planning and reconnaissance, – or misjudging the reactions of bystanders,…Obama has joined a long list of leaders who gambled unwisely, – and failed miserably.

Obama had fooled so many people – for so long – he surely felt he could now bluff the entire world – with nothing more than a mediocre speech.

Hadn’t he won three elections? Wasn’t he leading in the polls? Didn’t he have Congress, the Republicans, and that stiff cardboard Mormon right where he wanted them?

So his Benghazi to Syria arms smuggling plan just blew up.   No problem!  Just blame it on that internet video. These sheep will believe anything I say…. Watch their reactions as I condemn anybody who would insult The Prophet!
full of myself

Obama doesn’t lack confidence. He is a true believer in himself.

But not one to take chances, he has surrounded himself with squads of sycophant cheerleaders – who will always tell him “You nailed it Mister President!”

He gives himself a quiet little smile, nods to them in pretend gratitude, – and plans his next fundraising / sexual encounter trip on AF One.



Obama began to believe he was an invincible genius.  He began to believe that the rest of the world is as gullible and race-scared as liberal Americans. He began to assume the press around the world is as corrupt as his MSM cheerleaders here.

Believing these things, – he began to overplay his hand.

He sold Mubarak under the Muslim Brotherhood bus – with no thought about moderate Muslims or the Copts. He took sides in the Libyan civil war – on the side of the Islamists. He was openly hostile to Israel even as he accelerated the pullouts from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Seeing himself leading the world stage, he began ignoring intel briefings.

Upon his re-election he began to appoint a series of glaring underachievers to key posts, Susan Rice, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel… People here and overseas took full note.

When the NSA and IRS scandals broke full bore, the handful of young Republicans in the House began holding hearings. Even faithful Democratic lapdogs began to feel uncomfortable.

As of today, it’s gotten so bad that even lifetime Socialist James McGovern[ment] D-MA 2nd  won’t agree to bombing Syria, – and he put it in writing!.

Let’s face it, – Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and John Kerry may be lifetime liars, – but they’re also terrible at it.  Nobody believes them – not for a minute. The Community Organizer doesn’t know how to hire qualified help!



Vile VideoFew people ever believed that a You-Tube video with less than 400 views could had sparked an embassy attack in Egypt and another in Benghazi.

Few people believed that America – powerful America – couldn’t have launched a rescue force.

Few people could understand why Obama would have gone to bed, then to a West Coast fundraiser. People began to see a President who wouldn’t lift a finger to help – maybe even ordered the rescue force to stay put. This raised suspicions even amongst supporters.  There were now too many lies to keep track of.

Obama’s stonewalling was being compared to Richard Nixon’s, – but nobody died at the Watergate breakin.

Then inexplicably – Obama – the President of the United States – interjected himself into a shooting in Florida – made it about race and about a son ‘who would have looked like me’, and inflamed race relations over the summer of 2013. He looked very petty, very unpresidential, and every inch like just another cheap Chicago street politician in a too-expensive suit.

His poor decision to say anything at all was a disservice to us, and lowered his stature here and abroad.

He certainly never voiced concern as the Muslim Brotherhood goons in Egypt were murdering Copts and burning their churches.

Just the opposite.  He sent the ISNA a video congratulation on their 50th anniversary. Listening to his perfect accent, – it’s not too hard to tell where his true loyalty and sympathies lie.

Obama’s staff [probably aided by George Soros] are putting a whole new spin on tonight’s speech – trying to make Obama look as if he’s been the tough guy and made Syrian President Assad back down.

Dream on Obama. The world is laughing at you – mocking you really. No country out there will ever trust your word or count on your friendship again.
European Headlines

You should be worried now about staff defections, more leaked secrets, and a possible impeachment. You have nothing left to offer Democrats – except a handful of judgeships – so they’ll keep their distance.

Unions are balking at ObamaCare and amnesty. Blacks are beginning to understand how you used them.

Mister Obama, – thanks to Kerry verbal blunder and Putin’s quick seizing upon it, – you’ve just become a LAME DUCK. Go play some golf. Just go!

One Response to “The Overreach Which Undid Obama”

  1. Sonnys Mom

    Whenever the moonbats start gettin’ me down, I keep the following in mind:
    The more bold and brazen the Lefties get, the more they reveal themselves for the destructive radicals they really are. And the more confident Leftists feel that it’s okay to reveal their plans for America, the more our naive fellow Americans will start to wake up. Slowly, slowly, but it WILL start to happen.
    You see, New Leftists are constantly asking themselves: “Have we done enough consciousness-raising yet? Are the proletariat finally ready for revolution?”
    So in addition to serving as useful distractions, Progressive dog-and-pony-show antics serve another purpose: that of holding a finger up to the wind to see whether “the time is right” to implement their real agenda.
    And the more Leftist radicals reveal themselves and their true motives, the more citizens will wake up. The scales will begin to fall from the eyes of more and more of our naive fellow Americans, slowly, one by one.
    Syria is a great example of this.