The Open-And-Shut Case – That Wasn’t!

Posted November 28th, 2013 by Iron Mike

The media used you in 2006, – and they STILL ARE!
Rape Charges Dropped
Remember those Duke LaCrosse players?

The very worst they were guilty of was poor judgment.

But they were indicted for rape – and their lives – and their entire university – were turned upside down.

In time the overly-zealous District Attorney was disbarred, and went [briefly] to jail.  Now their lying accuser has been convicted of MURDER!

March 2006Crystal Mangum claims she was raped by three white Duke LaCrosse players.  She had a history of claiming to be raped.  Durham County DA Mike Nifong – in the midst of a stiff re-election fight – sprang into action.

The mainstream media had a feast on the story, – i.e. poor black girl struggling to support her children by working as an exotic dancer – brutally gang-raped by privileged white boys at an exclusive southern university.  The story line perfectly fit their agenda.

The press FAILED to do any real investigative reporting.  The ‘victim’ had a lengthy history of claiming to be a victim, – AND an even longer record of criminal activity.  Most of the press failed to report that she’s served in the Navy – because that would make her look more capable of defending herself, – less like a ‘victim’.  They had a story line – and they were sticking with it!

Bit-by-bit the story line came unraveled.  Mangum’s rape kit was inconclusive – and 42 members of the LaCrosse team gave DNA samples which failed to match.  One accuse player had a video of himself withdrawing cash from an ATM miles away at the time….  Still, nobody questioned the black lady’s story or her background.

Some,…slowly mentioned that DA Nifong was in a re-election race, – and questioned his continued public statements about the case.

During the spring and summer of 2006 a near-lynch-mob mentality grew among many Black citizens of Durham – since they believed what they were reading and seeing on TV,  – and perhaps because they were conditioned to always see issues in black-white / victim-perpetrator terms.  It was very ugly, and the MSM fanned the flames.

The gruesome blow-by-blow details are best read here,…if you care…

Eventually the North Carolina Attorney General stepped in, and removed Nifong. He was later disbarred, and convicted for lying about DNA ‘evidence’. He served a 24-hour sentence.

The LaCrosse players in question went through hell, as did their families.  Their coach had already summarily been fired.  Race relations in and around Durham suffered a big setback.


Mangum went on to try selling her book [of course], was arrested and convicted for domestic disturbances with her new boyfriend, – before being arrested in April 2011 for stabbing him 7 times.  He died.
Crystal Mangum guilty 14 years

On Friday Nov 22nd 2013, Mangum was convicted by a jury of 2nd Degree Murder – and sentenced to 14 years.  This story has chapters still to play out…

MEANWHILE:Newsweek 2006

The SAME ‘mainstream media’ who in 2006 had summarily convicted three white LaCrosse players of raping a black woman

still refuse to report on the misdeeds,  lies,  and treasonous acts of our undocumented Black pResident.  

4 Responses to “The Open-And-Shut Case – That Wasn’t!”

  1. Tom

    Had this been one of the falsely accused lacrosse players who murdered his girl friend all the networks plus cable and the b–ch Nancy Grace would have been all over this case like flies on poop. The trial would have had extensive coverage, the news media above the fold coverage and the news trucks would have lined up outside the court house. Black on black crimes do not receive even close to the coverage that white on black, as rare as they are and white on white. Mefia bias is endemic in our society.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Glad you decided to write about this one. Karma came around and gave it to her. She deserved it after falsely accusing those athletes of a horrendous crime. Other than that, ditto what Tom said. All we would have needed was a slow police chase of a white SUV.

  3. Robert

    Imagine: with all the media focus on Durham–including hub to hub satellite TV trucks– nobody could find out Mangum’s background; nobody could figure out that DNA had cleared the entire team; nobody could figure out that you can’t be in two places at one time (at an ATM, or a restaurant, and committing a rape miles away);
    nobody could even photograph the bathroom scene of the crime (which is too small to hold four people, let alone two; let alone the “twenty white men” Mangum originally said had raped her;
    nobody could find Mangum pole dancing at her club the same night candlelight vigils were being held for the “poor victim”;
    and nobody could pry up any rocks to discover just how corrupt the relationships between the Durham city government, the judges, the police, and yes, even Duke, really are.

    How do you get prosecuted and nearly convicted for a crime that never happened? Easy–just get a corrupt DA, and a few crony judges–and a compliant media.

  4. Walter Knight

    The problem, and an issue the media is afraid to address, is racist black juries in our large cities.